Last weekend, Chetek residents and visitors got a taste of some fast-paced watercrafts with several entertaining Jet Ski races as the 2019 Great Lakes Watercross Tour performed Rounds 6 and 7 of their Wisconsin tour at the Chetek Hydroflites ski site. The two-day event took place on Saturday and Sunday, Aug. 10–11, and was sponsored by the local ski team. 

For those unfamiliar, the Great Lakes Watercross Tour, which is sanctioned by Pro Watercross, features personal watercraft, including closed-course watercross racing and recreational events, along with freestyle performances. There are classes for stand-up, sport and runabout watercraft.

“It was an amazing event. We loved the crowd, the town and the location. The bay area by the ski site was great, and our racers already said they want to come back next year. Everything was exceptional,” explained Jimmy Roberts, who is part owner of the tour and also a professional racer. “The entire Hydroflites group was great. It was 100-percent the best venue we’ve been to this year. Janene (Haselhuhn), Toby (Kutrieb), Clayton (Timm) and everybody went above and beyond. Even the kids were great. We even let the kids go out and ride on the demo Jet Skis.”

Race results from Rounds 6 and 7 on Lake Chetek are not posted yet. However, the results will be posted in the next week on the Great Lakes Watercross Tour’s website,


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