A tip sent into the Barron County Dispatch Center on Nov. 25 claimed that cocaine runs rampant in Chetek bars.

The unnamed tipster also said the bars were protected by the Tavern League of Wisconsin and that bartenders were intoxicated and bragged about evading police.

The tipster did not give any examples or details, but it was forwarded to the Chetek Police Department.

Chetek Police Chief Ron Ambrozaitis said the tip was the first time he had heard of a problem like this, adding he wished the tipster had given more information. Details help them make cases.

For example, some local establishments are located outside of the city limits and therefore would fall under the jurisdiction of the Barron County Sheriff’s Department, not the Chetek Police Department.

Asked about determining the credibility of anonymous tips, Ambrozaitis said it can be a challenge. Occasionally, spurious calls to police arise out of someone wanting to cause trouble for someone else. But the CPD was looking into this one.

“The tip has been sent to all my officers. We will have to see what pans out,” Ambrozaitis said. “If this tip is true, we don’t need this issue in Chetek, or county, for that matter.”

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