A quarrel on Christmas Eve that allegedly involved the use of a (baseball) “bat-like” object has resulted in several charges against a 60-year-old Cameron resident, according to Barron County Circuit Court records.

A complaint filed Dec. 27, 2021, identifies the defendant as Jeff A. McGowan, Cameron, who was charged in connection with an incident shortly after 10:30 p.m. Friday, Dec. 24, at a home in the 1100 block of west Main Street, Cameron.

A deputy responding to the scene found two witnesses who live upstairs from where the incident took place. They said they heard a loud argument, and noted that a car had arrived just before the argument took place. It sounded to the witnesses like the entry door to the apartment was being broken.

The deputy went to the apartment where the argument had reportedly taken place. Two witnesses there, a man (later identified as the victim, T.K.H.) and a woman, said that two men forced their way into the apartment, demanding that the victim return a smoking pipe. The woman alleged she saw the defendant kick T.K.H. in the stomach and hit him in the head with what looked like a baseball bat before leaving in the car that was seen by the other witnesses.

Officers searched for the suspect vehicle and found it parked a few blocks away. It was registered to the defendant. In the vehicle, officers found a “bat like” object with duct tape at the end of the handle. The officer took photos of the bat through the window of the vehicle.

The deputy later located the defendant at a nearby bar and arrested him. During a search incidental to arrest, the officer allegedly found the defendant in possession of two “gummy candy items” infused with marijuana.

The apartment landlord later reported that damages to the broken entry door cost $400 to repair.

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