A child pornography charge against a Lindstrom, Minn., man was dismissed Friday, Feb. 14, in Barron County Circuit Court, because the defendant is already serving a three-year prison term for child sex abuse conviction in another Wisconsin county.

Court documents said Alexander S. Doffing-Wojciechowski, 22, had been charged with possession of child pornography in February 2018.

However, Doffing-Wojciechowski pleaded guilty to the more serious child sex abuse charge on Jan. 28, 2020, in Monroe County Circuit Court in Sparta. He was sentenced to eight years in the Wisconsin Correctional System, including three years in prison and five years of extended supervision.

Barron County Circuit Court records said the prosecutors requested that the child pornography charge be dismissed and read into Doffing-Wojciechowski’s record “due to the fact that the defendant has been charged and convicted in Monroe County.”

A criminal complaint filed Feb. 5, 2018, said that Doffing-Wojciechowski was arrested after alleged sexually explicit images of children were found in a search of his cell phone.

The mother of the defendant, who lived in Rice Lake at the time, contacted city police because she suspected her son had been engaging in sex with a 15-year-old girl from Sparta. The woman said her son “targets girls under age 18” for sex, and had already gotten a 17-year-old female pregnant.

Police made contact with the defendant and brought him in for questioning.

The defendant allegedly admitted to a relationship with the 17-year-old mentioned by his mother, and to having sexual contact with the girl from Sparta, whom the defendant believed to be age 16.

The defendant allegedly agreed to let police check his phone. There, investigators found a text message, allegedly from the girl in Sparta. Police also looked at the phone’s browser history and “noticed the majority of websites to be pornographic in nature.”

Further searching revealed the defendant had allegedly downloaded an image of what looked like a 6- to 8-year-old girl engaging in sex with an adult.

Police then got a warrant to search the phone further and allegedly found another video showing child pornography.

Evidence from the investigation was turned over to authorities in Monroe County, who filed felony child sex abuse charges against Doffing-Wojciechowski in October 2018.

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