Ronald J. Hart, 72, Webster, was charged Jan. 2 with OWI (seventh, eighth or ninth), two counts of bail jumping-felony and misdemeanor operating while revoked [Dec. 31, 2019] and a cash bond was set at $500 with conditions to not drive without a valid license and to avoid alcohol and anywhere it is sold.

Anthony J. Schaffner, 30, Chetek, was charged Jan. 2 with battery or threat to judge, prosecutor or law enforcement officer and misdemeanors resisting or obstructing an officer and disorderly conduct [Dec. 28, 2019] and a signature bond was set at $10,000 with conditions to avoid alcohol and anywhere it is sold and to submit daily PBTs at the Chetek Police Department.

Jeff G. Birkenmeier, 39, Cameron, was charged Jan. 6 with possess firearm-convicted of a felony [Jan. 3] and a signature bond was set at $2,500.

Adam J. Beckman, 31, Barron, had a charge of failure to support child (120-plus days) [Aug. 1, 2015] dismissed on Jan. 3.

Steven L. Anderson, 40, Rice Lake, pled guilty Oct. 22, 2019, to second-degree recklessly endangering safety and misdemeanor OWI (second) [March 17, 2019] and was ordered Jan. 6 to 12 months’ ignition interlock, 10 days in local jail, 12 months’ license revoked, three years of probation-sentence withheld with conditions of costs of $1,947, must avoid alcohol and anywhere it is sold, must avoid prescription medication not prescribed to him and must undergo any recommended treatments. Misdemeanor charges of battery (domestic abuse and use of a dangerous weapon), disorderly conduct (domestic abuse and use of a dangerous weapon), operate firearm while intoxicated (domestic abuse), failing to stop and operating with PAC (second) [March 17, 2019] were dismissed but read in.

Brandon M. Swanson, 37, Turtle Lake, pled guilty Oct. 24, 2019, to possession of methamphetamine [May 28, 2019] and was ordered Jan. 3 to 365 days in local jail and costs of $518.


Daniel L. Moen, 51, Rice Lake, pled guilty Dec. 27, 2019, to operating while revoked [July 9, 2018] and was ordered to fines of $516. A charge of bail jumping-felony [July 9, 2018] was dismissed but read in.

Joshua J. Robarge, 34, Rice Lake, pled guilty Dec. 12, 2019, to an amended charge of neglecting a child (specified harm did not occur) [Oct. 17, 2019], and was ordered to costs of $443, must undergo any recommended treatments and must remain absolutely sober.

Criminal and Traffic Report

David J. Garza, 32, Bruce, operating while revoked [Feb. 23, 2018], $443 and local jail.

Daylen A. Ludwig, 16, Cameron, speeding [July 12, 2019], $175.30.

Joseph R. Robotka, 33, Cameron, OWI (first) [May 18, 2019], $987.50, license revoked eight months, ignition interlock and alcohol assessment.


Cheri McCulloch, 46, and Justin Heltzel, 45, both of Conway, Mo.

Ashley Hodges, 28, and Dalton Vaughn, 29, both of Rice Lake.

Docketed Civil Judgments

Barron County Clerk of Circuit Court vs. Laurali L. Lauritsen, Cameron, $312.51.

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