Jail, restitution

A former Chetek man will serve an 87-day jail sentence and must pay nearly $5,000 in fines and restitution in connection with a January 2021 incident that started out as a “rolling domestic” quarrel and ended with his arrest after a collision that heavily damaged a Chetek police vehicle, Barron County Circuit Court records said.

Kiel S. Gowin, 27, now of Hoven, South Dakota, also had his driver’s license revoked for eight months and was put on probation for three years following an hourlong sentencing and restitution hearing on Wednesday, Nov. 17, 2021, at Barron.

Gowin was arrested Sunday, Jan. 24, after Chetek police were informed that he was allegedly stalking an ex-girlfriend and using his truck to block her vehicle as she tried to drive to the Chetek Police Department for help.

After Gowin sped away from the scene, running two stop signs, he allegedly rammed the Chetek police vehicle, a 2020 pickup truck, and had to be bodily removed from his truck at gunpoint, according to the complaint.

After reviewing insurance reports, body and fender repair information, and video and audio recordings from the chase on Nov. 17, the court ruled Gowin must reimburse the Chetek Police Department for a total of $3,982.12 in deductible and repair costs.

He was ordered to begin the 90-day jail sentence Friday, Nov. 19, and will be allowed to serve the sentence with work release privileges, with credit for three days already served. Restitution must be made at a minimum of $100 per month, the court ruled.

Gowin was fined an additional $987.50, in part because his blood-alcohol level was .16 (twice the state’s legal threshold of intoxication) at the time of the incident.

While on probation, Gowin must not possess or consume alcohol or go anywhere it is sold, and must complete all evaluations, counseling and treatment as ordered by his probation officer, court records said.

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