A former Cameron resident now living in Buffalo County faces up to 12 and one-half years in prison in connection with a felony burglary charge, Barron County Circuit Court documents said.

A complaint filed Thursday, Aug. 28, identified the defendant as 38-year-old Nicholas A. Apfel, of Mondovi, Buffalo County.

On Aug. 26, Barron County sheriff’s deputies were notified of a break-in at Hilltop Storage in Rice Lake.

The owner said she’d been to the storage unit the previous day and everything appeared to be fine. But when she came back the next day, the lock had been cut and was missing. Inside her storage unit, the woman found a toolbox missing. She said there was a hacksaw in it with her initials on it.

The deputy went to the storage yard and saw a trailer parked at a nearby unit. Two men were loading some motorcycles onto the trailer. One of them was the defendant.

The defendant said he was trying to put some items into his own unit and trying to organize it. He said he’d been there the day before and didn’t see anyone near the victim’s unit but he “heard some rustling in the woods just to the south of the storage units and thought maybe that had something to do with it.”

The deputy asked if she could search the defendant’s vehicle. He said he wasn’t comfortable with her doing that because the vehicle didn’t belong to him. The deputy walked up to the vehicle and saw a toolbox in the trunk area, so she asked the defendant to open it.

Inside was a hacksaw right on top with the initials of the victim. The defendant denied taking it and said it had been in the vehicle for a long time. But he later allegedly admitted to the break-in, and showed the deputy a set of bolt cutters used to cut the lock.

Court records said the defendant is also facing a felony burglary charge in Rusk County.

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