A burglary charge against a woman from Dallas was dismissed last week in Barron County Circuit Court.

During a Wednesday, July 15, court hearing at Barron, prosecutors asked the court to dismiss a burglary charge against 29-year-old Amanda D. Patterson.

A complaint filed in July 2019 said Patterson was one of four people charged in connection with the disappearance of more than $10,000 worth of property, including a rider lawn mower, a trailer and fishing equipment, from a storage facility near Haugen.

But according to court records, Patterson’s legal problems extend beyond Barron County.

The defendant is also facing felony charges in Chippewa and Dunn counties, including theft of movable property, discharging or throwing bodily fluids at a public safety worker, and three counts of felony bail jumping.

Jury trials are scheduled in September in both of those cases.

Patterson is still a defendant in an active Barron County case. In November 2018, she was charged with possession of methamphetamine as party to a crime.

The complaint said Patterson and a codefendant were arrested when authorities visited a home in Dallas on “a report of meth use around children.”

The defendants allegedly admitted to using meth the previous day. Officers found smoking devices and about one-tenth of a gram of meth in an outbuilding on the property, the complaint said.

A jury trial is set for Monday, Aug. 31, in connection with the 2018 charge, court records said.

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