A woman facing felony methamphetamine and drunk driving charges has been sentenced to two concurrent four-year prison terms after a sentencing hearing on Friday, July 3, in Barron County Circuit Court.

Court documents also said that 38-year-old Nicole M. Towne will appeal the sentence.

Towne pled guilty July 3 to a charge of drunk driving, fifth offense, in exchange for dismissal of two other charges related to her arrest in October 2018. Court records don’t show that Towne has entered a plea in connection with the methamphetamine charge.

The drunk driving charge stems from a crash in the median on Hwy. 53 on Oct. 21, 2018.

A witness spoke with the driver, who said she was okay and didn’t need help, then left at a high rate of speed. Later, a Chetek officer found a vehicle parked facing south in the northbound lane of Hwy. 53 with a woman, later identified as Towne, slumped over the center console.

She was given a field sobriety test, which she failed. A preliminary breath test gave a reading of 0.156. At the time, Towne had four prior drunk driving convictions, and her license was revoked.

In May 2019, Barron police arrested Towne in a traffic stop in the city, after law enforcement was alerted by the West Central Drug Task Force. The task force suspected Towne was involved with illegal drugs and tracked her vehicle through global positioning technology, according to the complaint.

A K-9 assistant sniffed the defendant’s vehicle. The dog gave an alert to the presence of drugs. The vehicle was seized and taken to the Barron County Sheriff’s Department garage for a more thorough search. There, investigators found a bag containing well over 30 grams of meth.

Towne was the subject of an arrest warrant in Wisconsin and adjacent states June 5, after her attorney told the court he wasn’t able to reach his client. Towne was jailed June 22 after bond was revoked in connection with both charges, jail and court records said.

The sentence handed down July 3 requires Towne to serve four years’ probation after her release from prison.

While on probation, she must complete any and all evaluations, counseling, treatment and follow-up recommended by her agent, maintain absolute sobriety, and undergo “trauma informed therapy.”

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