A former Chetek man who allegedly posted “disturbing videos” on social media saying he wanted to sexually assault children, pled no contest to a disorderly conduct citation and has been ordered to pay a fine.

Tyler V. Bronstad, 23, of Bloomer and formerly of Chetek, was arrested June 2 and charged June 3 with misdemeanor disorderly conduct.

According to court documents, sometime around May 31, Bronstad created several short “stories” videos on Facebook, which appear publicly on a person’s Facebook profile. In one video, Bronstad allegedly said he wanted to sexually assault a child, then says it is a joke, then states his wish to sexually assault a child again.

In the second video, which is 18 seconds long, Bronstad allegedly talks about young children and then states, “ ... I’m a child molester, yes I am, no I’m not, yes I am.”

The videos were widely shared and created considerable concern among the community and parents of students at Roselawn Elementary, which was blocks away from Bronstad’s then residence. Chetek Police said they received more than 50 calls about “disturbing videos referencing young children” and Bronstad.

Court documents said Bronstad was observed by school staff near Roselawn Elementary on several occasions before the videos were made. School officials said Bronstad did not have any contact with any student and the school’s security procedures kept children out of any risk.

Following the videos, Bronstad was arrested at his then Chetek residence on June 2.  

During the case, bond conditions required Bronstad to remain at least two blocks away from Roselawn Elementary, and later, required he have no contact with minors unless they were accompanied by a parent or guardian.

By the end of June, Bronstad was no longer living in Chetek and, as of Aug. 4, his address was in rural Bloomer.

On Aug. 20, in a plea agreement with prosecutors, Bronstad pled no contest to an amended forfeiture citation of disorderly conduct. He was ordered to pay $267.50 in 60 days.

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