A 56-year-old former Chetek real estate business owner is in the Barron County Jail awaiting sentencing on June 18 in connection with three felony methamphetamine-related convictions, according to county Circuit Court records.

After a one-day trial on Wednesday, April 21, a 12-member jury found Quinlan D. Thomas guilty of possession of meth with intent to sell in connection with the sale of meth involving a confidential police informant on Dec. 4, 2018, at a boat landing near Chetek.

Thomas was already a defendant in a pair of earlier meth-related cases when he and a codefendant were arrested after purchasing the drug, which investigators had furnished to a pair of confidential informants prior to the meeting at the boat landing.

One of the informants had a GPS-capable wire. Deputies listened as Thomas discussed the deal. During the conversation, Thomas told one of the informants he would sell seven grams to another buyer and return within the hour to purchase nine more grams for $180. He also asked the informant to furnish him with more meth, because he owed it to another customer.

While Thomas was being booked into jail following his arrest after the controlled drug buy, he was found in possession of two packages of meth that the informant had sold him.

After a four-hour trial on April 21 (including a lunch break), the 12-member jury deliberated about half an hour before it rendered a guilty verdict on one felony charge of possession of meth with intent to deliver. After the jury was dismissed, the court also judged Thomas guilty on both felony bail jumping charges.

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