Two people from Barron are facing a burglary charge after they were allegedly burglarizing a shed at a location near Almena on New Year’s Day, county Circuit Court records said.

A complaint filed Jan. 4, 2022, identifies the defendants as Amanda M. Thompson, 42, and Joshua W. Thompson, 46, both of 459 W. Division Ave., Barron.

The owner of the shed, identified as T.W.Z., called 911 just after 7 a.m. on New Year’s Day to report he’d caught two people, later identified as the defendants, leaving the shed.

Defendant Joshua Thompson allegedly told a Barron County Sheriff’s deputy deputy that he was looking for some gas.

In a later interrogation, the defendants said they had been told about the shed from a third party, who wasn’t charged in the complaint, and they’d only been there about 10 minutes before the owner showed up.

Defendant Amanda Thompson allegedly said she was told the place was abandoned, so they could “go (in) and look for stuff.”

Later, T.W.Z. provided still photos from a trail camera that allegedly shows the defendants going up into the loft and carrying items including an electronic fireplace insert and a chandelier.

T.W.Z. also told officers he got a call from a relative who also had a trail cam, advising T.W.Z about the break-in. T.W.Z. arrived to find the defendants’ vehicle, which he blocked from leaving before calling 911.

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