Stephanie K. Harshman, 42, Barronett, was charged Oct. 18 with one felony count and one misdemeanor count of bail jumping [Oct. 16]. Cash bond was set at $100.

Stephanie L. Nieves, 40, Rice Lake, was charged Oct. 18 with one count of possessing methamphetamine and four counts of bail jumping [Oct. 16]. Cash bond was set at $500.

Justin K. Luke, 35, Amery, was charged Oct. 18 with possessing methamphetamine and misdemeanor possessing drug paraphernalia [Oct. 18]. Signature bond was set at $2,500.

Mark J. Tucker, 40, St. Croix Falls, was charged Oct. 14 with possessing methamphetamine and misdemeanor counts of resisting or obstructing an officer and operating while revoked [Oct. 14]. Signature bond set at $2,500.

Terry L. Davis, 60, Rice Lake, was charged Oct. 13 with operating while intoxicated-5th or 6th offense [Oct. 12].  Signature bond set at $2,500.

Brent J. Johnson, 27, Cumberland, was charged with four counts of forgery-uttering [Sept. 22]. Signature bond set at $5,000.

Anna N. Nicpon-Ruth, 34, Rice Lake, has had charges against of possessing methamphetamine-as party to a crime dismissed Oct. 15.

Damion M. Larson, 29, Luck, was sentenced Oct. 12 on two counts of manufacturing/delivering methamphetamine [Jan. 5]. He was sentenced to four years in prison and four years extended supervision.

Kevin M. Gilbertson, 43, Ladysmith, had charges against him of possessing methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia dismissed Oct. 12.


Sabrina L. Cooper, 41, Garden Grove, Calif., was convicted of possessing drug paraphernalia and obstructing an officer. She was fined $267.50. A felony charge of possessing methamphetamine was dismissed.

Mackenzie J. Morgan, 23, Eau Claire, was sentenced Oct. 18 on convictions on three counts of fourth-degree sexual assault. One count was amended from a felony charge. Sentencing was withheld, and Mackenzie was placed on three years probation. He must serve 30 days in jail. He must have no contact with victim. Mackenzie must complete sex offender treatment and comply with any other evaluations/treatment recommended by probation agent.


Debra L. Kalkbrenner Langman, 61, Chetek, and Thomas J. Langman, 62, Chetek.

Nicole R. Cagle, 34, Rice Lake, and Joshua N. Cagle, 48, Rice Lake.

Lori A. Secord, 57, Appleton, and Gerald P. Secord, 57, Rice Lake.

Ross C. Mickelson, 52, Rice Lake, and Katherine S. Mickelson, 41, Rice Lake.

Jolynn M. Sarsland, 51, Amery, vs. Jason A. Sarsland, 38, Clayton.

Devon K. Brunette, 25, Rice Lake, vs. Andrew J. Brunette, 26, Barron.

Renee A. Steines, 69, Cumberland, vs. Roan J. Steines, 72, Cumberland.


Jadean Giesel, 25, and Nikita Koehn, 18, both of Barron.

Brian Gore, 29, and Natalie School, 26, both of Rice Lake.

Jeffrey McDonald, 41, of the town of Oak Grove, and Jessica Rubin, 29, of Rice Lake.

Docketed Civil Judgments

Department of Revenue vs. Jolene Gohde and Jason Gohde, Chetek, $12,329.

Barron County Clerk of Circuit Court vs. Kaylee P. Loucks, New Auburn, $230.

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