Adam Rosolowski, 21, appears by teleconference from the Rusk County Jail for a Thursday, June 11, bond hearing. A cash bond was set at $1 million in the double murder of Robert and Bonnie Rosolowski. The couple was reported shot and killed on June 6. Two others also have been arrested.

A probable cause statement filed last week in the Rusk County Clerk of Courts office presents new details about the recent shooting death of a couple at their Conrath-area home.

The victims were identified as Robert D. Rosolowski, 73, and Bonnie M. Rosolowski, 70.

Arrested were the couple’s grandson, Adam R. Rosolowski, 21, of Phillips, and his acquaintances, Joseph W. Falk, 17, and an unidentified 16-year-old boy. Official charges have yet to be filed against any of the three individuals.

The probable cause statement against Adam Rosolowski alleges the grandson indicated during interviews with investigators that Falk first killed Adam’s grandfather with a shotgun and Adam then fired two shots from a handgun that killed his grandmother. The document shows alleged conflicting stories made by Adam over multiple interviews.

The Rusk County Sheriff’s Office dispatch center received a 911 call from a Rosolowski family member at 4:39 p.m. on June 7, reporting the couple was found dead at their home in the N2200 block of Market Road in the town of Marshall, Rusk County.

Arriving law enforcement officers found a large amount of blood inside the home. A neighbor reported hearing suspected gunshots the previous night, between 10 p.m. and 10:30 p.m., June 6.

Early Sunday, June 7, the Price County Sheriff’s Department contacted the Rusk County Sheriff’s Department in an attempt to locate Adam Rosolowski involving some vehicle pursuits in Price County. Adam was arrested hours later in Price County, and he was in jail at the time of the Sunday afternoon 911 call from the family member who found the couple dead.

At about 5 p.m., Sunday, Price County Dispatch called Rusk County Dispatch to report a Price County corrections officer observed a red-colored substance appearing to be blood on Adam’s pants at the time he was brought to the Price County Jail for his arrest.

During the Price County investigation, law enforcement officers learned there were two passengers with Adam during the pursuits: Falk and the 16-year-old boy.

According to the probable cause statement, Adam was interviewed by Rusk County Sheriff’s Office investigators on June 8 at the Price County Jail. The document states Adam initially claimed he hadn’t been in Rusk County for several months. During the interview, Adam eventually indicated he was at his grandparents’ home at about 9:30 p.m. on June 6 and had gone inside the residence to obtain clothing and a subwoofer. Adam also indicated Falk wanted to obtain a white truck from Adam’s grandparents. Adam indicated Falk was upset they couldn’t get the truck and observed Falk go outside, get a shotgun and then go back inside the home. Adam heard two gunshots from inside the home, so he went inside to investigate.

“Adam indicated he saw his grandfather shot to death and his grandmother running around the house, bleeding from the mouth area,” the probable cause statement reads.

According to the probable cause statement, Adam indicated he left the residence and then saw Falk shoot a shotgun through the door, striking his grandmother. Adam admitted to holding a .357 caliber handgun, debating using it on Falk because he was upset, but he did not fire any rounds.

“Both [Falk and the 16-year-old passenger] provided information to law enforcement that Adam had shot his grandmother,” the probable cause statement reads.

According to the probable cause statement, while Adam was in the Rusk County Jail, he asked to speak again to law enforcement officers.

“During a recorded, Mirandized interview, Adam admitted to being inside the house while [Falk] shot Adam’s grandfather. Adam also admitted to firing two rounds from a handgun towards his grandmother, aiming for her head on each shot,” the probable cause statement reads.

“Adam was not certain of the injuries his grandmother obtained, but described seeing her bleeding from her mouth, her left arm and right clavicle area when he left the scene,” the probable cause statement reads.

$1 million cash bond

Cash bond was set at $1 million Thursday, June 11, Adam Rosolowski. A no-contact provision with immediate family through first cousins and codefendants in the murders also was ordered.

During the hearing, Adam Rosolowski was called a flight risk with a history of missing previous court dates and failing to abide by past court-imposed conditions.

Rusk County District Attorney Annette Barna requested the $1 million bond, calling Adam Rosolowski “the mastermind” behind the murders and saying family members are “afraid for their lives.”

“He definitely is the mastermind behind these cases,” Barna said.

Public defender Ryan Raymond described his client as young, indigent and with ties to the area. He argued a probable cause statement filed with the court does not allege his client killed anybody and this case should currently be a party to a crime charge. He also argued bond should be set at a level only at an amount to ensure an appearance in court.

“His ties are to northern Wisconsin. He has no money, no resources with which to leave the state and nowhere to go. He can’t come up with $100, let alone $1 million,” Raymond said. “Just starting from the beginning that his bond be higher because he was related to the alleged victims, I disagree with that presumption.”

Rusk County Circuit Court Judge Steven Anderson called the $1 million cash bond “appropriate,” citing Adam Rosolowski’s missed court appearances during a 2018 court case. He added it unlikely the codefendants would have known the victims without Adam Rosolowski’s involvement.

Anderson added two counts of first-degree intentional homicide is serious, and Adam Rosolowski, as an adult, is more capable of fleeing without the assistance of others as might be the other two codefendants. He also noted family members have asked for no contact with Adam Rosolowski.

Official charges have yet to be filed against any of the three individuals being held in the case.

Barna added during the hearing, first-degree intentional homicide of two victims would be the minimum charges.

The three defendants are scheduled to appear for a teleconference hearing at 11:30 a.m., Friday, June 19.

Previous Court order banned man from contacting victims

Court documents show Adam Rosolowski was arrested April 25 for operating a vehicle without the owner’s consent. The document alleges a deputy was dispatched to the Market Road home on a vehicle theft complaint made by Robert Rosolowski about his grandson.

Robert told an investigating deputy he loaned his 2007 Dodge Nitro to his grandson and had not gotten it back. Robert said he allowed Adam to use the vehicle to go downtown and received the vehicle and keys back, putting the keys on his dresser in the house. Robert stated Adam took the keys to the vehicle and left the residence. Bonnie also said Adam had stolen about $6,000 worth of cash from a gun vault in the home.

Adam was found at a Tony business with the stolen vehicle. Adam told a deputy he did not have the money also reported stolen.

No money or illegal items were found in a search of the vehicle.

Adam Rosolowski was facing possible charges of operating vehicle without owner’s consent and a probation hold.

A $2,500 signature bond was set with the condition Adam have no contact with Robert or Bonnie Rosolowski.

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