A native of Richland County whose growing-up years included many 4-H activities is the new Barron County 4-H program coordinator.

Sara Waldron resides in Haugen with her husband, Chris, a probation officer, and their three daughters, Mylee, 10, Tahlia, 7, and Quinn, 4. She started her job on Nov. 11.

Before coming to her new position, Waldron spent 13 years with the Birchwood School District. Most recently, she was a business and elementary computer education teacher there.

“4-H played a huge part in my childhood,” Waldron said Wednesday, Nov. 20. She said she was raised in the tiny community of Yuba, located about 25 miles west of Baraboo.

“The 4-H agent in my (Richland) county was a huge role model for me,” she added.

Although she said she did not spend her childhood years on a farm, Waldron said her father is a cheesemaker and her mother grew up on a sheep farm.

“So, I got involved in a lot of 4-H activities,” she said. “I really got into the selling projects and community service work. I am super excited for our summer camp (in Barron County). I just loved going to camp.”

Waldron attended Winona State University and signed up for a 4-H summer internship in hopes she could work with her former mentor.

“But she retired the same summer I was supposed to intern, so, instead, I did my internship in Vernon County,” she said.

As she gets settled in on the job, Waldron said her goals include “networking and building relationships” with everyone involved in the Barron County 4-H program.

“We want to expand the program and build on diversity,” she said. “I would really like to go more into the marketing aspect. 4-H does so many things that people don’t know about. We need to create an image of all the things the county (program) has to offer.”

During her internship, Waldron redesigned the county 4-H newsletter and made weekly radio appearances to build interest in the program. She said she plans to use that experience to increase the visibility of the program in Barron County.

“The more you can get 4-H into (public attention), the more people think about it and remember it,” she said.

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