“The Camera Never Lies,” by David Rawlings. Daniel, Kelly and Milly appear to be the perfect family. But an old camera will expose secrets no one wants developed. Daniel Whitely is a marriage counselor and author, yet his own marriage is in crisis and his daughter is drifting further away each day. To make matters worse, the deadline for his second book has come and gone, and he still hasn’t written a single word. When Daniel inherits an old camera from his grandfather, he notices an inscription on the bottom: “No matter what you think you might see, the camera never lies.”

“A Madness of Sunshine,” by Nalini Singh. Anahera Rawiri left New Zealand, fleeing poverty and the ghosts of her childhood with no plans to look back. Eight years later, she returns, seeking respite from the shattered remains of her new life. Detective Will Gallagher’s ghosts drove him out of Christchurch, landing him in a town where his most serious concerns are petty theft and drunks. When a woman goes out for a run and fails to return, Will finds himself heading up a search that swiftly escalates into an official investigation after this case is connected with similar ones from the past. As an outsider, Will begins to rely on Anahera’s knowledge of the area to help him dig into Golden Cove’s secrets, and to determine whether it shelters something far more dangerous than just an unforgiving landscape.

“Net Force: Dark Web,” by Jerome Preisler. The biggest threat to our nation’s security is in cyberspace. The president launches a top-secret line of defense: Net Force. But before the organization can be announced, the country is hit by a terror attack. Not yet empowered by Congress nor embraced by a dubious intelligence community, still untested and unproven, Net Force’s group of cyber experts and field operatives must lead the fight against hacks while tracking down the mastermind. Their failure could mean global catastrophe. Success may lead them to become the highest-level security agency in the United States.

“Spy,” by Danielle Steel. At 18, Alexandra Wickham is presented to King George V and Queen Mary in an exquisite satin dress her mother has ordered from Paris. Alex is a beauty who seems destined for a privileged life. But a world war and her own rebellious personality take her to London as a volunteer in the First Aid Nursing Yeomanry. But she has skills that draw the attention of another branch of the service. Fluent in French and German, she would make the perfect secret agent. While her country and those dearest to her pay the terrible price of war, Alex learns the art of espionage, leading to missions behind enemy lines and a career as a spy in exotic places and historic times.


“Revolutionary Brothers: Thomas Jefferson, the Marquis de Lafayette, and the Friendship That Helped Forge Two Nations,” by Tom Chaffin. Thomas Jefferson and the Marquis de Lafayette shared an extraordinary friendship, one involved in the making of two revolutions and two nations. Jefferson first met Lafayette in 1781, when the young general was dispatched to Virginia to assist Jefferson in fighting off the British. When Jefferson, as diplomat, moved to Paris three years later, speaking little French and in need of a partner, their friendship began in earnest. As Lafayette opened doors in Paris for Jefferson, so too did the Virginian stand by Lafayette as he became drawn into the French Revolution. Jefferson guided Lafayette as he drafted the Declaration of the Rights of Man and was a supporter of the French Revolution, even after he returned to America in 1789. By 1792, however, the upheaval had rendered Lafayette a man without a country, locked away in Austrian and Prussian prisons. The burden fell on Jefferson and Lafayette’s friends to win his release. The two would not see each other again until 1824, in a powerful and emotional reunion at Monticello.

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