Red snapper snow sculpture

Pictured above, Elle Jenneman, left, and Eric Jenneman, right, and their father, Barry Jenneman, sculpted a giant red snapper out of snow on Christmas Day, Wednesday, Dec. 25, 2019. The children’s mother, Alysha Jenneman, sent in this “snappershot” to the newspaper. It took them two hours to build the giant fish, using some red and black spray paint they had on hand to give it color. It was the kids’ first time doing a sculpture like this, but they were inspired by a photo of a similar fish snow sculpture Barry did with their cousin around 15 years ago. Real red snappers live in the western Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico and are usually around 2 feet in length. The largest reach 40 inches and 50 pounds, with some living longer than 50 years. They are a popular game fish.

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