How do you measure success? According to Ann Lee, of Valkyrie Brewing Company in Dallas, success is being able to build a viable business with only a hammer, a screwdriver, a pair of pliers and a dream. It is being able to craft a product that people appreciate and will go out of their way to find, being able to continue to do the thing that you love for 25 years and not even realize that 25 years have gone by, but most of all, success is receiving respect and encouragement not only from the people within your own industry, but also from people you’ve met along the way.

Randy and Ann Lee started their brewery in August of 1994. As a special way to show their gratitude for all of the support they have received through the years, they have brought back two special brews in commemorative Valkyrie Brewery's 25th anniversary 22-ounce bottles, both of which are bracketts—a brackett is a cross between a mead (honey wine) and an ale. It is an ancient drink of the Vikings.

The first of Valkyrie’s bracketts is called Mjød. It was the Dallas brewery’s first beer and the very first brackett brewed in the United States.

The second brackett is called HoneyMoon. HoneyMoon is much like a light, honey champagne. The tradition of a honeymoon began over a thousand years ago when wedding couples were given honey wine for one month (moon) to drink in celebration of their marriage.

Valkyrie Brewing Company will celebrate its 25th anniversary on Saturday, Aug. 17, from 1–9 p.m.

There will be live entertainment under the tent next to the brewery by Jesse Huff, R-Fritz & the Dog Walkers, Jeff Wiesner & Friends, General Hardware Morris Dancers, Kaptain Karl and Sylvan Springs Jazz.

There will be 14 Valkyrie beers on tap, including the two bracketts. Commemorative glasses will be for sale for $7, while supplies last. Old Southern BBQ, from Rice Lake, will be selling pulled pork sandwiches throughout the day.

Bring a lawn chair, sit back and enjoy the shows.

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