A new, manned recycling site in Chetek will open on Wednesday, March 3.

It is located next to the city’s current recycling bins on Water Street near Denny Overby Field.

Barron County, which is responsible for recycling, is moving to manned sites to cut down on junk and contaminants being put in recycling bins. This drives up the cost of handling recycling while decreasing the value.

Ray Zeman, recycling program manager and the county’s waste-to-energy incinerator manager, said an attendant was recently hired to staff the site. This attendant will help people with their recycling and ensure non-recyclables stay out of the bins.

The new site will have two bins with six compartments. There will be compartments for plastics #1 (PETE, like pop bottles), plastics #2 natural (HDPE, like milk jugs), plastics #2 color (HDPE, like soap and shampoo bottles), tin and steel (like food cans), aluminum (like pop and beer cans) and glass of any color (glass food containers).

Starting March 3, the new site will be open from 8–10:30 a.m. on Wednesdays through Saturdays. It will be closed on holidays. The site will be gated when closed.

During the transition, the current recycling bins will remain accessible for a few weeks and signs will be posted about the change, Zeman said.

Zeman said when the weather gets better, there will be a grand opening event to help spread the word about the change.

The county currently has 21 unmanned recycling sites around the county and plans to transition to nine manned sites. Chetek is the first site being piloted. There is no fee to use the site and it is open to anyone—both residents and nonresidents.

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