James Moran, left, has joined the Chetek Alert, taking over advertising/sales duties from Julie LeMoine, right. LeMoine will continue working for The Alert as graphic designer. 

After 22 years of advertising sales, Julie LeMoine will be handing off the responsibilities of advertising to James Moran, an experienced newspaper professional and a new resident of Chetek. LeMoine will be taking on a new role at the newspaper, she will be working as graphic designer at The Alert.

“I love our customers, and I’m sure I am going to miss meeting that new business owner that wants to put in his first ad, and that customer that I’ve worked with for many years who has become more than just an advertiser, but also a close friend,” LeMoine said. “I’m confident that we will provide the same level of service with James sharing his ideas with customers and helping them with promoting their business.

“As graphic designer, I’m hoping to feel just as connected, by designing their ads,” LeMoine added.

Moran has a long history in the newspaper advertising business and has worked for most of the Wisconsin newspaper groups, in addition to owning a few weeklies and monthly papers in the Fox Valley. Most recently, Moran worked as publisher of the Ashland Daily Press and Price County Review.

“I’m very excited to be working with Bell Press. There isn’t anything better than working for a family-owned newspaper, and I will work hard to maintain the same level of commitment to the community that they are used to,” explained Moran.

Moran and his wife, Pam Green, will be moving into a house on Lake Pokegama on Friday, April 30. Pam is a realtor with Anthony Jennings and Crew Real Estate, and she has two children who reside in Chetek with their spouses’ and two grandchildren.

Moran will be happy to be two hours closer to his two daughters, one who lives in Madison with her husband, and one who lives in Minneapolis, Minn., with her husband and two children.

Moran officially started on Monday, April 26, and LeMoine officially transitioned to her new role on April 26 as well.

Moran can be reached by email at jmoran@thechetekalert.com, via mobile at 920-442-0243, or at the office at 715-924-4118, ext. 17.

LeMoine can be contacted by email at graphics@thechetekalert.com or by phone at 715-924-4118.

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