Donations helped Curtie Cares, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, purchase a dedicated vehicle to better serve the needs of the homebound. According to, Curtie Cares has room for a walker or a compact folding wheelchair. Organization founder Curt Harrison said he has found a need for a handicapped-accessible van and is seeking donations to purchase one.


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In January, the Bloomer Advance (and The Chetek Alert) ran an article on Curt Harrison’s organization, Curtie Cares. Since then, Harrison has been working hard to build the organization. He has met his goals for the organization and has made new ones for the future.

A big goal for Harrison in building Curtie Cares was to make it an official nonprofit. He met this goal. Curtie Cares is now considered a nonprofit organization as of May 30. Harrison said this would not be possible without the help of many volunteers and donations of time, especially the lawyer who donated time to help him with the long process of applying to become a nonprofit and creating a board of directors.

Curtie Cares has also grown in other ways thanks to the generosity of the community. Thanks to donations, Curtie Cares now has its own exclusive vehicle, six volunteer drivers, a brand new website and a larger clientele.

Harrison is blown away by the growth and has realized how great his community is and the importance of it through this endeavor.

Curtie Cares was an idea that came to Harrison after he was in a motorcycle accident and homebound. Harrison couldn’t really do anything for himself and realized that it was a harsh reality for many people. He decided that he wanted to help the homebound and was going to do it through his own nonprofit organization. He has found that some people who need help don’t want to reach out or impose on friends and family, while others don’t have that at all. Harrison wanted to give these people an outlet to call for help.

As of right now, Harrison finds the biggest need for his clients is transportation to medical appointments. Because of this, he has found a need to have a handicapped-accessible van with a lift, so that is next on the agenda. Harrison is working on finding donations and renewable funding to help with this.

Harrison is also open to running Curtie Cares full time. He hopes that he can build it up enough to keep it going long after he is gone, because it’s about more than just driving people around. Through Curtie Cares, Harrison hopes that it inspires and pushes people to help others, because if we all do a little bit to help one another, Harrison believes it’ll make the world a better place.

For more information about Curtie Cares or if you would like to donate, you can visit or contact the office at 715-568-2211 and leave a message. You can also find Curtie Cares on Facebook.

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