This last Christmas, Tootie Larson received an underwater camera as a gift and she has spent the last month discovering what the Chetek Lakes look like beneath the ice now that there is no algae to obscure the view. More than just fish, Larson found there are potential hazards for anyone diving into what they think is deep water or boaters cruising through what they think is unobstructed waters this summer. Just south of the Long Bridge on Lake Chetek, where there is about 8 feet of water, old stumps and logs stick up as much as six feet, she said. “You don’t want to jump in head first or butt first and hit that,” Larson cautioned. “I didn’t expect there to be that many and in that good of shape,” she added, figuring the logs and stumps were left over from before the Chetek river was dammed for logging. Pictured above, Larson’s camera shows what hazards are hidden just feet beneath the surface. Below, her camera also captured pictures of many fish, like these perch.

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