The Planters NUTmobile, a driveable vehicle shaped like a peanut, stopped at The Alert following a stop for gas at Chetek last Wednesday afternoon, June 19. Manned by three “Peanutters,” the NUTmobile is one of three motorized Planters-promoting “automobiles” that annually visit high-profile events across the U.S. They were headed for the 70th annual Hayward Musky Festival when they passed through Chetek. The Peanutters above, left to right, are Maggie Chandler, of Plymouth; Adrienne Carpenter, of Charlotte, N.C.; and Matthew Reitman, of Chicago, Ill. Peanutters sign up for a year on the road, and everyone takes their turn behind the wheel. NUTmobiles are 11.5 feet high, 26 feet long and 8.5 feet wide. They weigh 13,000 pounds, the equivalent of 3 million peanuts. The NUTmobile, pictured above, is mounted on a converted 2014 Isuzu W4 Series chassis and powered by a V-8, 6.0 liter 322 Vortec 5967 engine. The Peanutters are, of course, paid for their promotional services. The first NUTmobile originated around 1935, and an updated version was created in 1999 when Planters was named the official snack food of NASCAR. The latest version drove onto the scene in 2011. Planters prefers not to say what they shelled out to create the NUTmobiles, but we assume it was for a lot more than peanuts.

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