Pictured are owners Sam Collar, left, and Logan Hibbard, right, in front of TBox indoor golf and sports lounge next to Marketplace in Rice Lake. The motto is “TBox where it’s always 70 degrees and sunny.” It features a family friendly venue for playing virtual golf, other virtual games and is perfect for birthday parties, busness team-building get-togethers or a Super Bowl party. Not pictured is owner Eric Butler.  TBox serves up beer, wine and food along with a lot of fun.

If one of your New Year’s resolutions included “play more golf,” this article is definitely for you. If someone you know or are related to made that same resolution, this article is for you to share with that someone. Now, having read this far, you may be thinking ”Maybe I should play golf in 2022,” then this article is also for you.

What’s holding you back from not playing or playing more? Bad swing? No time to play that fits your schedule? Afraid you will hold up the “good” golfers on the course while you hit badly or are searching for a lost ball? Bad weather?

The motto of TBox in Rice Lake is “Where it’s always 70 degrees and sunny.” TBox is an indoor golf and sports lounge which opened Nov. 15, 2021, in the new development next to Marketplace Foods in Rice Lake. It is next door to Tess’s Cafe and the Social House on Main businesses featured in a previous issue of The Chetek Alert.

TBox is the result of three minds working and thinking together. Logan Hibbard of Chetek and Sam Collar of Cameron have worked together as Twin Ridge Contractors since 2017. As contractors they had worked with Eric Butler, a developer on several previous projects. They are currently working with Butler on the new development next to Markeplace.

When they began renovating the old  municipal building as part of that project, they brainstormed on what business might fit the space. They thought about a family-oriented venue that would provide family fun along with adult beverages. They searched the area within a 30-mile radius of downtown Rice Lake and found there just wasn’t much that fit the bill.

A bowling alley, a movie theater, a rollerskating rink, a seasonal pumpkin patch and not much else. Not even a mini-golf.

All three, Hibbard, Collar and Butler, enjoy golf. However, they shared the concerns of a short season, holding up other golfers.

Therefore, they developed the idea for an indoor golf and sports lounge, eliminating weather issues, concerns about holding up or waiting for others on the course as well as scheduling and time constraints.

And thus, TBox was born!

Ultimately, they created a putting area and four bays- two for golf featuring almost 100 different courses and two more bays with golf, baseball, bowling, soccer, disc golf and hockey simulators.

On the back wall of each bay a large screen shows a computer generated image of a golf course is projected. The player tees off and the computer indicates the track of the shot, the distance it traveled and where it came to rest. 

The next player in the group does the same, and once everyone has teed off, the computer moves the scene to the closest ball and play continues until nine holes are played and the round is complete.

Two players can usually complete nine holes in one hour and four players take about two hours. 

TBox also provides golf clubs and balls if you don’t want to haul yours around in the car.

Each bay also has its own dedicated TV, so those not interested in playing golf can watch their favorite sports team. 

Additionally, the large screens for golf and other computer games can display actual sports games being broadcast.

Seating is provided at each bay for players and spectators.

TBox also has seating, tables and a bar all handmade by Hibbard and Collar.

If you want a game that is less virtual and more hands on, they have a custom made shuffle board table.

TBox also serves food that includes appetizers such as cheese curds, a hummus platter, bottomless chips and salsa, and more substantial food like street tacos, pulled pork and chicken sandwiches and pizza.

They have golf leagues starting Jan. 6, – men’s, women’s and co-ed. Individuals can play their league round any day of the week at whatever time works for them. The computer keeps track of the teams’ scores and collates them every week.

A bay can be rented for any number of uses: birthday parties, holiday get-togethers, and workplace team-building exercises. A local firearms manufacturer already has one scheduled. According to Butler, rather than just sitting around, employees of the host company get to interact while having a beer or two. “It is called active drinking,” said Butler.

When asked if this would be an ideal venue to host a SuperBowl party, the owners all agreed it would. Just imagine, no dishes or clean up afterwards for the host.

The screens in each bay are the largest in Rice Lake, so sit back and enjoy.

The rates per bay are $35 per hour, Monday through Friday before 4 p.m. and $40 per hour nights and weekends. Note that is “per bay,” so four persons using a bay for an hour would each pay $10.

TBox can be reached at (715) 434-4653 or www.tboxwi.com. Their hours are Mon-Thurs, 10 a.m.-10 p.m., Friday 10 a.m. to midnight, Saturday 9 a.m. to midnight and Sunday 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.

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