Jan Purintun, of Shorewood Resort, and her daughter, Michelle Eschler, of Sun Prairie, found the medallion.

A mother-daughter team put their minds together to figure out where the Harvest Fest Medallion was hidden in record time.

Jan Purintun, of Shorewood Resort, said it took her and her daughter, Michelle Eschler, less than 10 minutes to find it when they deciphered the likely area it was in.

Last week’s clue was “Excitement abounds as we begin the game. New clues are not the same, tame or lame. Duck down and look where the water stops. On your way to nearby stores and shops.”

Purintun said they read the clue while at Chetek Bakery, picking up a cake for Eschler’s son. The first two lines made them think of the city ball field. The second two lines, specifically about where “the water stops,” made them think of Water Street, with the new dead end at CTH I. And nearby were shops, including Keg N’ Kork and the Verizon store.

Purintun said they headed right to the dead end of Water Street and began searching the concrete barriers. She started at the far end near the Verizon store, reaching into the notches underneath the barriers. Eschler, fearing spiders, didn’t want to reach in. Coming to the end of the barriers, Purintun almost didn’t look in the last one, but she saw something that she first thought was litter. It was the medallion in a plastic bag.

It was not one or the other who figured it out, but together, their ideas figured it out. “She had her clues, I had mine,” Purintun said.

Each have searched for the medallion every year. Eschler found the medallion in 1995 along with her brother, Randy Purintun.

Eschler was visiting for the weekend, which made it extra special, Purintun added.

She added they will spend the winnings—$100 in Chamber Bucks—on themselves as a treat. They also get to keep the medallion as a prize.

Congratulations to Purintun and Eschler on a job well done!

Past medallion locations

1994: Taped to Lakeview Drive bridge railing (found by Kathy Thompson and Patti Wang).

1995: In bell in front of Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Missy and Randy Purintun).

1996: Taped to pole at Kleve and Fourth streets (Kathy Davis).

1997: In trunk of tree behind Calhoun Memorial Library (Kathy Davis and Janel Wilson).

1998: Under light pole at Chetek Post Office (Laura Turney).

1999: Ridgeway Street (Kathy Ziarnik and Julie Zwernik).

2000: Under parking pylon at City Beach (Jon Anderson and Lisa Anderson).

2001: Under first tree by men’s bathroom at Airport Park (Beverly Kreger).

2002: Taped to pole on an old exercise station along cross country trail behind Chetek High School (Kerry Smetana and Austin Smetana).

2003: South side of airport (Kurt Vail).

2004: Water spout on back of City Shop (Jack Vork).

2005: In piece of plastic conduit in right field scoreboard of city ballfield (Ted and Mike Kotz).

2006: Under Chetek High School athletic complex bleachers (Kathy Ziarnik and Julie Zwernik).

2007: Underside of light that shines on ‘Chetek Welcomes You’ sign (Katelyn Ziarnik).

2008: Field west of Brass Rail in south industrial park TIF district (John Hazelton and Al Steinmetz).

2009: Under splash block at Calhoun Memorial Library (Victoria Kutchins).

2010: Tucked into crevice of cement at City Beach band shell (Michael Mazzuca).

2011: Between rock and bush at Main Street Park (Mackenzie Curtis).

2012: Behind post in City Park Lions Club Pavilion (Dean Jerdet and Bennet Engen).

2013: Behind rock on Hole 7 of C-W’s disc golf course (Pat Brink, Kerry Smetana and Roger Smetana).

2014: Beneath flag pole at The Center (Gus Lesner).

2015: In a small tree in a parking lot at Pelican Place (Drew, his siblings Kate, Ella, Lindsay and Lucy, and their mother Betsy Malmanger).

2016: Inside an audio connection box in the bleachers at Denny Overby Field (Tony and Sue Hebert).

2017: Beneath the storm siren at Gotham Park (Kate Lindsay, Lucy and Ella Malmanger).

2018: Inside a Louis L’Amour book in the Free Little Library at Sather Family Dental (Sue Gammon).

2019: Underneath a brick near Hangar 17 at Chetek Airport (Adam and Isaac Foss).

2020: Beneath a concrete traffic barrier at the end of Water Street near CTH I (Jan Purintun and Michelle Eschler).

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