On Monday morning, residents were greeted in their rooms and the dining room. Puzzles, books, word searches, sudoku and boggle sheets were handed out. In the special care unit, residents read from a Birds and Blooms magazine. It was such a nice day out that several residents sat outside and chatted. They also exercised a bit. Fern Gibeaut reminisced about life with her parents and the wild game they ate. Others worked on puzzles. In the afternoon, bowls filled with fresh fruit—watermelon, grapes, blueberries and strawberries were served. Six-five-four dice was played in the activity room by Chris Falk, Danny Nelson, Dorothy Larson and Dorothy Rudoll. Chris won seven games, Danny four, Dorothy Larson five and Dorothy Rudoll won eight. Chris had boxcars twice, Danny once and Dorothy Larson once.

Tuesday morning visits were held in rooms and the dining room. A fun-fact sheet was handed out for Cow Appreciation Day. In the special care unit, residents went out to enjoy the beautiful day on the patio. While there, they did a few leg exercises and read from Doris Stoeklen’s book “I Remember.” Residents also read the cow fact sheet and talked about farming. Back indoors, residents put together puzzles and worked on a button and bead chime. In the afternoon, in the activity room, residents played bingo. Aggie VanAlstyne won most bingos with nine and also tied with Dorothy Larson with two first bingos. Chris Falk won one first bingo. Danny Nelson and Chris Falk both won coverall. A treat was passed out from We Care Ministries, and greetings from John Kurschner and Pastor Ralph Marquardt were given out.

On Wednesday morning, the residents in the special care unit spent time in the beauty shop or getting their hair curled. They all looked wonderful. A group took a chance to sit outside and even though it was cloudy, it was a pleasant morning. The movie “8 Below” was shown in the family room. Even though it was a little sad, it had a beautiful ending.

Thursday morning breakfast banter was enjoyed in the rooms and the dining room. In the special care unit, residents strung beads and buttons for a wind chime. Residents went outside after it warmed up a bit, and they chatted and did some exercises. The sunshine felt so good. Later, when everyone came in, they worked on decorating frames. In the afternoon, the Garden Club met in the courtyard. They talked about and smelled different kinds of herbs, then came in and enjoyed cucumber finger sandwiches with a chive, dill and garlic spread. Watermelon basil salad was also served. Flowers from the garden graced the tables.

Friday was a great morning to sit outside in the special care unit. Residents spent time doing some stretches and had a great discussion group. What a great outdoor group, as our flowers are in bloom. Pastor Guy Redfield was here for the monthly communion service. Residents throughout the building who wanted to receive communion did. In the afternoon, they played bingo. First bingo winners were Ina Mae (two) and Dorothy Larson (two). Winning most bingos was Joe Paulus with 10 bingos. A three-way tie for coverall was between Dorothy Larson, Al Plantarice and Joe Paulus.

Dry weather and temperatures in the 80s required the flowers to be watered, so instead of Saturday’s breakfast banter, residents had lunch laughter and room visits. In the special care unit, residents went outside to look at the flowers. Lila Sandve and Shirley Ross noticed that some of them needed deadheading and watering, so they enjoyed helping with that. Residents also did some exercises while they were enjoying the fresh air. The snack cart was brought outside so everyone was able to enjoy a cup of coffee and doughnut after all the exercising. Inside, residents worked on puzzles and visited. In the afternoon, in the rest of the building, residents played dice, cards and listened to articles from an Our Wisconsin magazine. Books and crossword puzzles were also handed out to those who wanted them.

Sunday morning greetings were had in the dining room and rooms. Scriptures and word searches were handed out to those who wanted them. Books were exchanged for new ones. In the special care unit, residents worked on several craft projects and put together puzzles, visiting while we worked. In the afternoon, church was held in the activity room with Pastor Jeff Martin from The Refuge International. Some of the residents also enjoyed a few games of cards and being read to.

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