1970 class reunion

Two 50th class reunions were held at the Chetek Bowling Alley on Sept. 25 for the classes of 1970 and 1971—the class of ‘70 didn’t hold a reunion last year due to COVID-19. Pizza and cupcakes along with meat and veggie platters were served. Prior to the get-together, Chetek-Weyerhaeuser High School/Middle School principal Larry Zeman gave the groups a guided tour of the high school. Pictured above in the Class of 1970 photo, women from left to right, are Barb Melgard, Jerre Mcginnis, Jana Leverson, Cheryl Moy, Mary Hunstad, Marcia Dobrowolski, Vicki Anderson and Linda Williams; men Denny Gehler, Paul Hutzler, Rick Lindblad, Steve Metzenbaur, Larry Otto, Keith Eisele, Bill Ward and Sherm Toufar. Pictured below in the Class of 1971 photo, in front, are Charlene (Briggs) Klawiter, Nancy (Davis) Beaulien, Mary Vana, Debbie (Selko) Olszewski, Wendy (Sundly), Smith, Jackie (Allen) Schubert and Kathy (Carey) Jorgensen; row two: Audrey (Trowbridge) Brenholt, Cynthia (Grover) Palmquist and Sandy (Stoyke) Christenson; row 3: Rick Urbach, LaVone (Waterhouse) Linblad, Becky (Hegna) Bergerson, Lorrie (Ganske) Robarge, Wendy ( Bederman) Baumgarter, Dorothy (Melgaard) Marcon, Laureen (Christenson) Nied, Cindy Brouillard and John Saxby; row 4: Barry Larson, George Berning, Al Seever, Jeanne (Taylor) Florzak, Ed Moon, Terry Ours, Jenny (Kucharski) Nelson, Grant Anderson, Doug Madison, Larry French and Sandy (Taft) Harelstad. Missing from the photo is Lindy ( Hamilton) Urbach.

1971 class reunion

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