Pictured is John Mitchell’s book “Dreamerboy.” He will have a book signing at Off “R” Rockers in Chetek on Saturday, Dec. 7, from 1–3 p.m. 


courtesy of John Mitchell

Local filmmaker and author John Mitchell will be at Off “R” Rockers on Saturday, Dec. 7, from 1–3 p.m., for a book signing event with his children’s book titled “Dreamerboy.”

The 40-page book follows the main character, Murphy, as his imagination takes him on adventures while daydreaming during school. He saves his classmates from an evil bully in his daydream, but not without causing frustrations for his teacher back in reality.

The book inspires kids to use their imaginations, Mitchell said.

“It’s encouraging kids, to stand up for themselves particularly against bullies, and about kids using their imagination to see the world from a different perspective,” Mitchell explained. Kids and adults enjoy the book. “Kids really get into it because there is humor and levity.”

The book was published in late 2018 and Mitchell. He later recorded an animated version, which he shows at schools. Artist Marketa Ivanisova’s artwork really brings the story to life, Mitchell said.

Parents have enjoyed the books as well, finding it accurately portrays kids’ imaginations at that age, while having artwork amusing to adults as well.

“It’s not just a kid’s book with art, but also an art book for kids,” he noted, adding it has enough depth for many ages to enjoy.

Mitchell said the book is intended for grades 2–6. Younger than that, he recommended parents should read it to their children.

The book can be found for sale at Off “R” Rockers, in Chetek; Brion’s Smokehouse Deli, in Cameron; Northwoods Promotions, in Rice Lake; and at North Country Cheese’s store, in Barron. The book can also be ordered online by contacting Mitchell at https://dreamerboybooks.com or at the Dreamerboy page on Facebook.

An audiobook will be released in early 2020, Mitchell said.

At Off “R” Rockers on Dec. 7, Mitchell will also have DVDs and items from his documentary, “Cheeseheads,” as well as items signed by former Green Bay Packer Chester Marcol.

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