“Things You Save in a Fire,” by Katherine Center. Cassie Hanwell was born for emergencies. A firefighter in Texas, she’s seen her fair share of them, and she’s a pro at other people’s tragedies. But when her ailing mother asks her to move to Boston, Cassie suddenly has an emergency of her own. The old-school Boston firehouse includes hazing, a lack of funding and firemen who aren’t thrilled to have a “lady” on the crew, even one as competent as Cassie. Except for the cute rookie, who doesn’t seem to mind having Cassie around. But she can’t think about love. Cassie can feel her resolve slipping and it means risking the only job she’s ever loved, and the hero she’s worked like hell to become.

“The Loyal One,” by Shelley Shepard Gray. When Katie hires her friend, Harley, to remodel her house, she does so with trepidation. Though they are friends, they’ve always had a rocky relationship, thanks to her being partly responsible for his most recent breakup. But while they may not always get along, she needs someone to trust with her secrets, and Harley is nothing if not trustworthy. Harley agrees to help her because it’s clear she needs someone on her side. Both soon discover that clearing the debris in one old house also means they have to do some cleanup in their lives, forcing them to reevaluate their past and their future. 

“A Keeper,” by Graham Norton. The mystery of Elizabeth Keane’s father is one that has never been solved by the people of Buncarragh, not for lack of speculation. Her mother, Patricia, had been assumed a spinster, until she began dating a mysterious man from out of town and, within months, left Buncarragh to be married. Less than two years later, Patricia was back, with a baby in her arms, but no husband by her side and unbendingly silent about her recent past—a secret she would take with her to her grave. Now, as Elizabeth returns to the village after her mother’s funeral, bringing with her own regrets, she finds letters at the back of a wardrobe that may at last hold the key to her past.

“The Russia Account,” by Stephen Coonts. CIA officer Tommy Carmellini is pitted against a murderous international financial conspiracy that leaves a trail of death and corruption, extending from a small bank in Estonia to the highest reaches of the Kremlin and the halls of Congress, perhaps even to the CIA itself, putting Admiral Jake Grafton, the head of the CIA, in the crosshairs of an assassin. With the help of Grafton, Carmellini has always managed to foil his enemies. Defeating the powerful forces behind this bloodstained financial scheme that threatens the United States government, and maybe the life of the president of the United States, will be his most difficult challenge yet, and perhaps, he suspects, an impossible one.



“Lives Reclaimed: A Story of Rescue and Resistance in Nazi Germany,” by Mark Roseman. In 1920s Germany, a group of idealists began to meet, practicing a communal life focused on self-improvement. “The Bund,” as they called their group, hoped to forge an ideal community that would serve as a model for society. But with the ascent of the Nazis, the Bund was forced to focus instead on offering help to the persecuted, despite great risk. Their activities ranged from visiting Jewish families after Kristallnacht, to sending letters and parcels of food and clothes to deportees in concentration camps, to sheltering Jews on the run. What became of this group? Drawing on letters, Gestapo reports and interviews, Roseman shows how the Bund undertook its dangerous work. Above all, the Bund’s story is one that sheds new light on what it meant to offer a helping hand in this dark time. 


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