“Genesis,” by Robin Cook. When the body of 28-year-old Kera Jacobsen shows up on Chief New York City Medical Examiner Laurie Montgomery’s autopsy table, at first it appears she was the victim of a drug overdose. But for Laurie, little things aren’t adding up. Kera’s family swears she never touched drugs. Administrators from the hospital where Kera worked are insisting the case be shrouded in silence. And although Kera was 10 weeks pregnant, nobody seems to know who the father was or whether he holds the key to Kera’s final moments alive. When Kera’s closest friend is murdered, the need for answers becomes even more urgent.

“Sword of Kings,” by Bernard Cornwell. It is a time of political turmoil once more as King Edward begins to lose control over his successors and their supporters. There are two potential heirs and doubt over whether the once separate states of Wessex and Mercia will hold together. Despite attempts at pulling him into the political fray, Uhtred of Bebbanburg cares solely about his beloved Northumbria and its independence from southern control. But a promise had been exchanged between Uhtred and Aethelstan, now a potential king. Uhtred was tempted to ignore the demands of the oath but an attack on him by a leading supporter of one of the candidates drives Uhtred with a small band of warriors south, into the battle for kingship and England’s fate.

“Thin Ice,” by Paige Shelton. Beth Rivers is on the run. Known to the world as author Elizabeth Fairchild, she had become the subject of a fanatic’s obsession. After being held in a van for three days by her kidnapper, Levi Brooks, Beth managed to escape, and until he is captured, she’s got to get away. Cold and remote, Alaska seems tailor-made for her to hide out. As Beth navigates her way through the wilds of her new home, her memories of her time in the van are coming back, replaying the terror and the fear and threatening to keep her from healing, from reclaiming her old life again.

“The Rise of Magicks,” by Nora Roberts. After a sickness destroyed civilization, “magick” has become commonplace, and Fallon Swift has spent years learning its ways. Fallon cannot live in peace until she frees those who have been preyed upon by the government or the fanatical Purity Warriors, hunted and brutalized for years on end. She must help them heal and rediscover the light within themselves. And as she faces down an old nemesis, sets her sights on the enemy’s stronghold, and works to restore the mystical shield that once protected them all, she will need an army behind her.


“A Jensen Family Christmas,” by William W. Johnstone and J.A. Johnstone. Smoke Jensen looks forward to spending a quiet holiday with the family. But an unexpected arrival from south of the border has him reaching for his guns and defending his land. Sally Jensen strikes up a friendship with a Mexican woman, who turns out to be married to the mysterious stranger plotting to steal her ranch. Ace and Chance prepare to fight a gang of outlaws trying to kill the man who raised them, but they’re going to need the help of the father they never knew. Preacher catches the eye of a widow, but he can’t decide if she wants to marry him, kill him, or both. Every Christmas season, the Jensens pray for peace on earth. But then, for the Jensen family, danger is just another holiday tradition.

“One Summer in Paris,” by Sarah Morgan. To celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary, Grace has planned a romantic getaway to Paris. But she never expected that her husband had a surprise of his own: he wants a divorce. Reeling from the shock but refusing to be broken, a devastated Grace makes the bold decision to go to Paris alone.

Story Time

Story time is held Wednesdays at 10:30 a.m. and lasts 45–60 minutes. Participants read books, followed by a craft or activity.

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Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.; Tuesday, Thursday: 1–6 p.m.; Saturday: 9 a.m. – noon

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