Join the Chetek Area Book Club on Tuesday, May 28, as it hosts a discussion of “A Wolf Called Romeo” with its award-winning author, Nick Jans, via telephone.

The 2014 New York Times Best Seller presents the true story of an Alaskan black wolf that roams the area just outside Juneau and befriends both people and their dogs. This unusual and captivating tale details seven years in the life of Romeo and the people who come to know him best. Jans resides in Alaska and has written several books; many include his award-winning photography.

Readers interested in nature and animal behavior will certainly enjoy Jans’ descriptions of Romeo’s interactions with people and his canine cousins as well as Jans’ chronicling of Alaska’s seasons and terrain. For example, after referencing the mythology and fear humans associate with wolves (“Little Red Riding Hood,” “The Three Little Pigs”), Jans describes how his three dogs playfully engage Romeo in a game of fetch. Of course, as a knowledgeable naturalist, Jans realizes Romeo is a wild animal; therefore, his friendliness should never be assumed.

Jans skillfully interweaves details of his life and that of others while focusing on his protagonist. For example, he explains how as a former guide, hunter and consumer of caribou, he falls in love with Sherrie, a card-carrying member of PETA. He also relates how wolf whisperer Harry Robinson and his dog, Brittain, make Romeo a roadside attraction, a dangerous development. 

“A Wolf Called Romeo” is available through MORE, Wisconsin’s digital library system. Join the group for an approximately hour-long, live phone discussion of this work at 7 p.m. on May 28 at Calhoun Memorial Library, 321 Moore St.

No fees or commitments are required to join the Chetek Area Book Club. The remaining books for this year include “There There,” “The Immortalists,” “The Cloud Atlas,” “The Orphan Master’s Son,” “A Gentleman in Moscow,” “Before We Were Yours” and “Educated: A Memoir.” 

For more information, call Debbie Skozek at 815-861-9141.

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