The latest entry in the White Vixen thriller series by local author David Tindell sends his protagonist, Air Force Special Operations officer Jo Ann Geary, to the top of Africa.

“The Bronze Leopard is the third book in the series, and I wanted to give Jo some serious challenges, internal and external,” Tindell said. “Inside, she’s grieving the death of her beloved father, and questioning her role in a mission that brought down a traitor inside the Pentagon. Plus, she’s approaching her 40th birthday and starting to ponder the questions many people face at that age about their future, which in her case includes possible retirement from the service. So, she’s decided to unwind from her latest mission by climbing the highest mountain in Africa.”

Mt. Kilimanjaro, rising over 19,000 feet above the jungles of Tanzania, is where Geary, code-named White Vixen, will face the challenge of her life. It’s the fall of 1989, and she’s just completed a successful mission, assisting Tanzanian forces in the capture of a rebel leader known as the Bronze Leopard. A former East German army officer, he’d hoped to revive the African colonial dreams of his grandfather, who fought there in World War I. When the Leopard is broken out of jail by East German mercenaries, he’s given a new challenge. With the Berlin Wall about to come down and their nation doomed, the Germans hope to establish themselves as the premier soldiers-for-hire in Africa, and they task the Leopard with eliminating their most dangerous potential foe, the White Vixen.

Pursued onto the slopes of Kilimanjaro, outnumbered and outgunned, Jo Geary and her small band of fellow climbers must not only survive one of the harshest environments on the planet, but a team of heavily-armed, highly-trained soldiers who intend to make the top of Africa her final resting place.

Tindell’s books can be found at bookstores in Rice Lake, Spooner and Cable, with both print and e-book versions available online at Amazon and on Tindell’s website,  

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