“Westering Women,” by Sandra Dallas. In 1852 Chicago, Maggie is seeing postings asking women to relocate to the gold mines of Goosetown. A young mother with a daughter, she has nothing to lose. She joins several other women on the risky, 2,000-mile journey west. None of the women are prepared for the trek’s hardships or the inner strength needed to get through the days. As the journey progresses, Maggie realizes she’s not the only one looking to leave dark secrets behind. And when her past finds her, it becomes evident the women will do whatever it takes to protect one of their own.

“The Mitford Scandal,” by Jessica Fellowes. The year is 1928, and after the death of a maid at an opulent society bash, Bryan Guinness pops the question to Diana, the most gorgeous of the Mitford sisters. The maid’s death is ruled an accident, so the newlyweds party the days away in London, Paris and Berlin. Accompanying Diana as her lady’s maid is Louisa Cannon, as well as a menagerie of friends and family. When a second victim is discovered in Paris, Louisa begins to see connections with the death of the maid years earlier. Louisa must convince the sisters that a murderer could be nearby while shadows darken across Europe, and within the heart of Diana herself.

“The Man With No Borders,” by Richard C. Morais. It is a time of reckoning for José-Maria Alvarez, a Spanish banker living in Switzerland with his wife. Nearing the end of his life, he’s overcome by memories of his boyhood and the afternoons he spent fishing with his father, uncle and brother. But José’s secrets are also trickling in, as is the tragedy that forced José into exile and makes him bear the burden of a soul-crushing guilt. Now, as his estranged children make their way to their father’s side, José yearns to live long enough to make things right. Only through redemption can José begin to understand the meaning of his life.

“The Innocents,” by Michael Crummey. A brother and sister are orphaned in a remote stretch on Newfoundland’s northern coastline. Their home is a strip of rocky shore ruled by a temperamental ocean, by the harsh swing between abundance and scarcity. As children, they have little understanding of the outside world, and little except a boat and the few skills taught by their parents to keep them. Season by season, through years of paltry catches, bad weather and disease, it is their fidelity to each other that maintains the two. But as years pass, even that loyalty will be tested.


“Gardening Your Front Yard: Projects and Ideas for Big and Small Spaces,” by Tara Nolan. With her gardening know-how and do-it-yourself building skills, Nolan helps you avoid the traps you may face when placing a garden between your home and the street. The book shows how to complete hardscape projects, such as building front patios, borders, edging and walkways, as well as making your own raised beds, planting containers, trellises, rose arbors and privacy screens, all meant for front-yard gardening.

“Rocco’s Keto Comfort Food Diet: Eat the Foods You Miss and Still Lose Up to a Pound a Day,” by Rocco DiSpirito. DiSpirito has made a career out of transforming people’s lives without sacrificing taste. Now, he tackles the ketogenic diet, using a program that can deliver up to a pound a day of weight loss. The diet incorporates meal plans and more than 80 recipes following keto diet mandates. You can lose the weight eating the foods you love. DiSpirito also provides a maintenance plan that allows you to eat a wider range of food while still keeping the weight off for long-term success.

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