Red Barn Theatre will present its next production, “A Gentleman and a Scoundrel,” from Wednesday, Aug. 21, through Saturday, Aug. 31; there will be no performance on Sunday, Aug. 25. Each performance takes place at 7:30 p.m. Reservations can be made by calling 715-234-8301 or online at

This romantic comedy, written by Jack Sharkey, directed by Terry Wiesner, introduces the audience to Fred Dickson, played by Jackson Liedl, a young analyst in a financial bind, unable to receive an increase in pay. He creates a plan to hire himself as his own assistant to increase his income. Unbeknownst to girlfriend Jenny (Helen Goosby), trouble ensues when she falls for this “new” assistant.

Next, the company’s credit check investigator Basil Pronker (David Frisinger) discovers banking errors by Fred.

Sandra Campbell will display in the Gallery during the show.

Red Barn Theatre is located at 2247 22nd St., Rice Lake.


The Red Barn Theatre welcomes David Frisinger to the stage in “A Gentleman and a Scoundrel.”

Originally from the Comstock area, Frisinger was involved in earlier years (1970–1973) at Red Barn, during a time when Nina Klauss was getting the Hardscrabble Players on the Red Barn stage. Frisinger attended University of Wisconsin-Barron County when Terry Wiesner suggested he audition at Red Barn.

In the years since he last graced the Red Barn stage, Frisinger acted in Virginia Theater productions in Virginia Beach, Va. He has also appeared in films and on television shows, such as “Billy Bathgate,” “My Name is Bill W.,” “Young Indiana Jones,” “Matlock,” “The New Detectives” and “Ghost Stories.” He recently retired from the Christian Broadcasting Network in Virginia Beach.

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