Cameron firefighters were called to this house in Cook’s Trailer Court in Cameron on Tuesday morning, Sept. 10, after a space heater apparently started a fire in a room. The resident in the room, Tianna Hendrickson, said the space heater was not on, but plugged in. She and the other two residents escaped without harm.

Three residents safely escaped from their home in Cameron after a space heater caught fire, causing some fire and smoke damage to the structure.

Cameron firefighters, Cameron police and Barron County sheriff’s deputies were called to a trailer home in Cook’s Trailer Court in Cameron sometime before 8 a.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 10.

“In my room, my space heater was plugged in but not on. It started on fire,” said Tianna Hendrickson. She and Malik Clayborn live at the residence with their grandmother, Martha Hendrickson.

Martha’s friend, Lisa Rosenthal, was standing outside the home after the fire. She said the three family members quickly ran out of the house when the fire was discovered.

“Thank God no one was hurt,” she said, other than a scrape when Tianna fell when exiting the house.

Firefighters recovered Tianna’s laptop which appeared safe from water damage but did have some smoke damage. Rosenthal said she had college coursework that was due that day on that laptop.

Cameron Fire Chief Mitch Hansen said the cause of the fire appeared to have started from an overloaded power cord on a space heater. It melted the plug’s power pack and the fire went up the wall.

Luckily, when Tianna ran out, she closed the door behind her, which starved the fire of oxygen and prevented it from spreading fast through the trailer home. Firefighters were able to get water into the room and extinguish the rest of the fire.

The room had some fire and water damage. The rest of the home had smoke damage, but Hansen said they could return to the home once it aired out and they repaired the fire damage.

The American Red Cross was contacted to help the family with recovery after the fire.

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