Postcards for voter registration or absentee ballot requests mailed to local residents are causing some confusion for residents and hassle for local municipal clerks.

Megan Giles, clerk for the Town of Prairie Lake, said the postcards are being sent out by the Wisconsin Elections Commission, even though the return addresses list the resident’s local clerk’s office. What is causing confusion is that postcards are being sent to voters who are already registered or have already requested an absentee ballot, Giles said.

She said local clerks have gotten many calls from residents, asking why they are spending the postage to send these postcards when voters are already registered. Giles explained clerks are not sending them out, the WEC is.

Another problem is that the absentee ballot request postcard does not include complete instructions and info, like including a photo ID with the request. So if the clerk receives a resident’s absentee ballot request and it does not have a copy of a valid photo ID, the request is invalid. Giles said they can’t sent out an absentee ballot in those cases and it is frustrating for everyone.

Giles said the best option is to visit There, residents can register to vote, check their voter registration status, request an absentee ballot or check their absentee ballot status. She added that residents can also contact their local clerk in the town, village or city in which they live to register, request an absentee ballot or check the status of their registration or absentee ballot.

Residents who have not voted in longer than four years may need to register again, Giles noted. Those who have changed names or moved since they last voted, will have to register again. She said the easiest way to check was to visit the website or call their local clerk.

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