Emmanuel Torres

An 18-year-old Cumberland man who was already a defendant on a charge of child sex assault was the alleged assailant in a dual stabbing incident at Anderson Park, Barron, on the afternoon of Thursday, Oct. 31, according to a criminal complaint filed Tuesday Nov. 5, in Barron County Circuit Court.

The victims, Edward R. Deacon, 41, and his 18-year-old son, Brady Deacon, later underwent surgery at hospitals in Eau Claire and the Twin Cities, Minn., for what the complaint described as puncture-type stab wounds to their abdomens, the complaint said.

The suspect, Emmanuel Torres, was jailed after allegedly calling 911 to report having “stabbed someone,” and giving dispatchers a description of what he was wearing and where he was.

Barron County Circuit Court and jail records said Torres was incarcerated over the weekend on a tentative charge of felony bail jumping. He made an initial appearance Tuesday Nov. 5, and was ordered held on $2,000 cash bond pending a preliminary hearing two weeks from today, Wednesday, Nov. 20.

The complaint said that the knife used in the stabbings could not be found, despite a search of the area by law enforcement officers, a K-9 and members of the Barron-Maple Grove Fire Department.

The knife remained missing at press time Tuesday.

Witnessed describe assaults

A Barron police officer got to the park to see a man, later identified as Torres, standing near the park’s playground equipment. He was ordered to the ground at gunpoint and cuffed.

Meanwhile, a sheriff’s deputy approached the victims, whom he saw leaning against a nearby vehicle. Brady Deacon had “a significant amount of blood on his shirt and was bleeding from a large puncture-type laceration” on his abdomen. The deputy saw a visible puncture wound on Edward Deacon’s abdomen, although it did not seem to be bleeding externally.

While the group waited for ambulances to arrive, the deputy gave rolls of gauze to both victims to apply pressure to their wounds.

In later interviews, the victims gave further information about their injuries. Edward Deacon was treated for a knife would that his doctor told him had struck one of his ribs, the complaint said. He was treated the night of Oct. 31 and released Friday, Nov. 1.

Brady Deacon said he had been stabbed twice. He said he was told by his doctor that if one of the wounds had been half an inch deeper, it could have killed him.

The elder Deacon told police he saw his son and a group of other individuals at the skate park across from Anderson Park as he (Edward) drove home from work Thursday afternoon. But he didn’t see the defendant at the time, the complaint said.

Later, Edward Deacon headed back towards town, when he saw his son and one of the witnesses driving north on Mill Street toward the park.

Following the two into the park, Edward Deacon said he saw the defendant, Torres, and a 15-year-old girl, identified in the complaint only as H.P.

It appeared to the elder Deacon that his son and the defendant were going to fight. He ordered the defendant to leave. At that point, Edward Deacon said, it felt as if the defendant punched him, but, instead, he realized he had been stabbed. He said he blocked the assailant’s attempt to stab him a second time.

Edward Deacon said his son stepped in to protect his father, and that’s when the younger Deacon was stabbed. A witness tried to get the defendant away from Brady Deacon, and “the defendant then started swinging the knife” at the witness.

A fight over a girl

The complaint said that the stabbings were witnessed by several youths, including the 15-year-old girl—who said she was the defendant’s girlfriend—her twin sister, a third witness who is a minor female and two male witnesses.

One of the teenage girls alleged she saw Brady Deacon punch the defendant just before the stabbing took place.

One of the male witnesses told police that the victims “got into a verbal confrontation with the defendant about him being with a 15-year-old girl.”

The witness said the younger Deacon and another youth were “verbally confronting the defendant,” and that the altercation escalated into a fight moments before the stabbings took place.

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