Mommsen salt gun

Larry Mommsen, of Mommsen Sport, in Chetek, holds the newest in fly eradication technology, the dreaded (by flies) “Bug-A-Salt” weapon, which will shoot table salt to kill flies up to three feet away.

Everyone knows that to have a successful hunt, you need the right weapon, but when it comes to hunting the wily musca domestica, there’s a new sheriff in town.

Believe it or not, there is a gun to hunt and kill the common housefly!

Gone are the sticky fly-paper days. The swatter is history. The hand-held tennis raquet-shaped battery operated zappers are fun but nothing compared to the Bug-A-Salt weapon.

“They are very much fun,” said Larry Mommsen, of Mommsen Sport. “Just give it a pump, make sure it has ammo, aim and shoot.”

Ammo? For a fly? What about ammo shortages and cost?

“It’s all in the name,” said Mommsen. And so it is. This “assault” weapon uses salt as ammo. Salt. NaCl. Sodium chloride. The stuff your doctor tells you to use less of. Ordinary, everyday table salt.

Add a robust puff of air (stored in the gun after pumped up) and you can eradicate a fly from two to three feet away. Turns out too much salt is bad for flies, too. Even just a pinch, which is the amount the weapon shoots.

Buy a canister of salt from the local grocerystore, fill the weapon’s chamber and you’re good to go for about 80 shots.

Now, any weapons enthusiast worth his or her salt (sorry, but you should’ve seen that one coming) knows that weapons need add-ons, frills, etc., to satisfy the hunter. The basic model is yellow, but it also comes in Realtree Edge camo, hot pink (ya think) and even transparent. Though you can’t buy a scope for it, you can get a laser sight! On the package it says, “batteries included but not beer.”

Other packaging information includes “Fly Facts” and the spray patterns for 24 inches, 30 inches and 36 inches.

The basic cost is $45 for the standard weapon, $50 for camo and $15 for the “Bug Beam” laser sight.

If you decide you need more fly-eradicating power, you can upgrade to The Shred-Er. It is a handgun, uses a CO2 cartridge and uses a salt cartridge that is not refillable. It also retails for $150. Before you say no, keep in mind it extends that “fly kill zone” from three feet to an incredible 18 feet!

The Shred-Er is not a toy and is not to be used by persons under 18 years of age.

Both types of weapons are available at Mommsen Sport, about a mile south of Chetek on CTH SS.

When asked about why he got into selling guns,  Mommsen smiled and said he used to work as an auto mechanic, but “I had a goal to own a gun shop, and in America goals can be met and dreams can come true.”

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