A downtown Dallas institution for nearly a decade and one-half, Clicker’s Bar &Restaurant will permanently close after business hours on Saturday, Oct. 12.


Bob Zientara | Barron News-Shield

A year after making themselves a promise to sell or lock the doors, the owners of Clicker’s Bar & Restaurant in Dallas will permanently close at the end of business operating hours this coming Saturday, Oct. 12.

Owners Ryan and Erica Lentz, both of whom are lifelong area residents, said that the decision—while a painful one—came after they couldn’t find a willing buyer.

They made the announcement on their Facebook page at the conclusion of Dallas’ Oktoberfest celebration on Saturday, Oct. 5.

“We had a pretty good day, considering the weather,” Ryan Lentz said Monday, Oct. 7. “Regardless of whether or not it rains, we have a pretty hardy crew that shows up for Oktoberfest, to drink some beer and eat some brats.”

However, the decision to close was under consideration for awhile, he added.

“We gave ourselves an ultimatum last year that Oktoberfest would be the (deadline) to either move the business or to close,” he said.

The Lentz’s said they are ready to move on with their lives.

“We wanted to do this for 10 years and then venture off (to other pursuits),” Ryan said. “We have two young children who are active in school and 4-H, and we want to be active as well, but the business has tied us down.”

Both Ryan and Erica put special emphasis on the fact that the business remains on the market, for whomever would like to move forward with it.

“We’re still trying to sell,” Ryan said. “We don’t want it to sound like gloom and doom. But this was a change we had to make.

“This is what our family needs, right now,” Erica added.

The building will be thoroughly cleaned after the closure, so it will be ready when a new buyer can be found.

“We’re going to shampoo the carpets, degrease and pressure wash (kitchen and bar equipment),” Ryan said.

Throughout the time that the business has been for sale, the Lentz’s were approached by more than one potential buyer, even though there are no active candidates at present, they added.

“There were some serious possibilities,” he added. “This decision may or may not trigger an offer.”

There are 15 full- and part-time jobs associated with Clicker’s, including the owners, Erica said.

“We have two employees who will be retiring,” Ryan added. “The others have other jobs they can slip into. These days, there seems to be no lack of jobs.”

Erica added that the employees. “have been very supportive” throughout the process.

The Lentz’s bought the business in 2005 from former owners Greg and Kelly Glaser, who had operated it for seven years.

“Neither of us had prior experience (in the restaurant business,” Ryan said. “I drove a truck, and my wife worked on a farm. But our biggest success was consistency and paying attention to detail.

“In this industry you have customers here on a daily basis, and they have expectations,” he added. “If they’re guaranteed that when they arrive, they will find the same quality and same service, you can be successful.”

The owners have developed “quite a few recipes” over the years, and are willing to share them—if the opportunity arises.

“The recipes come with the building price tag,” Ryan Lentz said.

The Lentz’s are also willing to help a new owner “get their feet wet.”

“We just hope someone comes along that we can work hand-in-hand with,” he said. “Greg and Kelly worked with us for five or six months after we got started, and we’d certainly be open to the same thing (with a new owner).”

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