Carri Traczyk and Janene Haselhuhn will remain on the Chetek-Weyerhaeuser Board of Education, following the election on Tuesday, April 6.

Traczyk and Haselhuhn had 781 and 724 votes, respectively, to secure two seats on the school board. They defeated Austin Chamberlain who had 605 votes. There were seven write-in votes.

The results were current as of 11 p.m., with most—if not all—of the district’s 14 precincts reporting. It was not clear if the Town of Big Bend had zero votes for the C-W race or if results were still pending.

For the New Auburn School District Board of Education race, Lindy Reimer, Louise Cody and Nick Jones defeated Tanya Leo, Staci Martinson and Kimberly A. Bischel for three seats on the school board. Jones had 246 votes; Reimer, 195; Cody, 182; Martinson, 151; Bischel, 139; and Leo, 96. There were two write-in votes.

For the Cameron School District Board of Education election, Brandon Olson and Don Rappel defeated Ginger Newland for two seats on the school board. Olson had 356 votes; Rappel, 336; and Newland, 179. Newland had withdrawn from the race. There were two write-in votes.

Following are local results from area municipalities, organized by county. All of the election results will be official when each county’s board of canvassers certifies the election within the next two weeks.

Barron County results

• City of Chetek

Scott Bachowski had 57 votes and Terry Hight had 52 votes for their respective common council seats.

Running unopposed for municipal judge was Jack Harrison. He had 205 votes. There were three write-in votes.

• Chetek Township:

Running unopposed for Chetek Town Board Chair was John Postle. He had 209 votes. Keith Hanson had 188 votes and David Lentz had 187 votes for two supervisor seats.

• Dovre Township:

For town board chair, Dean A. Trowbridge had 91 votes. For supervisor 1, Cody J. Hyhagen had 99 votes, and for supervisor 2, Dan North had 94 votes.

• Prairie Lake Township:

For the two supervisor seats, incumbents Wayne Brenholt and Lori Richter were elected with 195 and 161 votes, respectively. Lisa Wenzel had 74 votes.

Running for board chair unopposed was Joe Atwood. He had 248 votes.

• Sioux Creek Township:

It was a very close race for the Sioux Creek Town Board Chairperson seat. The unofficial results showed incumbent Peter DeJardin had a one-vote lead over Craig Simonson; the vote was 76 to 75.

Running unopposed for two board supervisor seats were Arnie Anderson and Chad Massie, who had 140 and 142 votes, respectively.

• Stanley Township:

Running were Dennis Stillwell, for town board chair, with 223 votes; Monty Shearer, for town board supervisor, with 175 votes; and Larry Moen, for town board supervisor, with 203 votes. There were three write-in votes.

• Sumner Township:

For the Sumner Town Board Supervisor 2, incumbent Kevin Crotteau defeated Romaine R. Quinn, 118 to 64 votes, respectively.

Running for board chair was Steven J. Palmquist, with 150 votes. There were two write-in votes. Running for board supervisor 1 was Steven J. Becker, with 149 votes. There were two write-in votes.

• Village of Cameron

David Ebner, Randy Hill and Russell Hulback defeated Dylan J. Bahr for three trustee seats on the Cameron Village Board. Ebner had 98 votes; Hill, 96; Hulback, 93; and Bahr, 50.

Mark Trowbridge ran unopposed for board president. He had 129 votes.

Also unopposed, Terry L. Skaar had 359 votes for the Village of Cameron and Town of Stanley municipal judge.

Rusk County Results

• Big Bend Township:

Tom Meisner had 79 votes for board chair; Bob DeVoe had 66 votes for supervisor; Mark J. Schmitt had 64 votes for supervisor; and Sandy Rassbach had 79 votes for clerk/treasurer.

• Rusk Township:

All unopposed, Lisa Dobrowolski had 86 votes for board chair; Steve Styczynski had 93 votes for supervisor 1; Steve Zmrazek had 91 votes for supervisor 2; Anne Konvicka had 91 votes for clerk; and Kathy Patterson had 89 votes for treasurer.

• Strickland Township:

John Cwojdzinski defeated Marvin Kraczek for town board chair with 85 votes to 15 votes, respectively.

All unopposed, Heather Gronski had 87 votes and Ron Debner had 74 votes for supervisor; Carol Lynn Arndt had 97 votes for clerk; and Sharon Czekalski had 98 votes for treasurer.

• Stubbs Township:

Tom Cudo defeated Lyle Lieffring for board chair with 108 votes to 67 votes, respectively.

Pam Bonczyk had 107 votes and Annie Huiras had 101 votes for two supervisor seats, defeating Jonathan W. Runstrom, who had 96 votes. Heather Olesiak had 146 votes for treasurer.

Chippewa County Results

• Village of New Auburn:

Brad Lotts had 79 votes for village president. There were five write-in votes.

Shannon Berg had 77 votes and Daniel Stanford had 14 write-in votes for two village trustee seats. There were nine other write-in votes.

The village results also includes results from Barron County.

• Auburn Township:

Paul Scheidecker had 88 votes for board chair; Benjamin Dachel had 95 votes for supervisor 1; and Mark Blaha had 89 votes for supervisor 2.

• Town of Bloomer:

Gary Nehring had 87 votes for board chair; Brian Frion had 62 votes and Brian K. Lueck ahd 71 votes for two supervisor seats; Roxanne Geurkink had 86 votes for clerk; Ashley Nelson had 85 votes for treasurer; and Travis Lueck had 83 votes for constable.

• Town of Sampson:

Jim Jerabek had 153 votes to defeat Lynn Trowbridge, who had 89 votes, for board chair.

Running unopposed, Samantha King had 185 votes for supervisor 1; and Carol L. Butterfield had 175 votes for supervisor 2.

Dunn County Results

• Sand Creek Township:

All unopposed, Michael Nelson had 82 votes for board chair; John Loy had 66 votes and Joel Smith had 74 votes for two supervisor seats; Douglas Westholm had 84 votes for clerk; Melanie Donath had 17 write-in votes for treasurer; and Jerry Loftus ahd 85 votes for constable.

State Races

For state superintendent, Jill Underly won with 526,011 votes to Deborah Kerr’s 386,033 votes, with 99.97 percent of precincts reporting.

For the Court of Appeals, District 3, judge, Greg Gill won with 123,155 votes to Rick Cveykus’ 99,931 votes.

Results are from county websites and

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