Grandmother, granddaughter

Pictured above are Chana Wood and her late Grandma Ricci, who inspired Chana’s love for baking and is a crucial part of the Sugar Wood story.

By Alexa Basina

Christmas came early for Sugar Wood, a Cumberland based business that sells caramels, shortbreads and other delicious treats.

On Wednesday, November 3, Fox4News out of Texas featured Sugar Wood on their “Holiday Gift Guide: Great gifts that support small businesses” segment, and orders started to pour in.

Chana Wood, the owner of Sugar Wood, wrote on Facebook, “Eight years and we are finally going viral! I’m crying while I’m staring at my e-mails watching the Sugar Wood orders pour in from our national feature.”


Chana, mother of two, wanted to cling to whatever memories she could of her grandmother and to be able to share those memories with her children. Through baking, she was able to share the love and passion that Grandma Ricci put into everything she made. With the talents and recipes passed down from Grandma Ricci, including the caramel and shortbread recipes, Sugar Wood was born in 2013.


Being featured on Fox4News’ holiday guide was the most media coverage Sugar Wood has had. They were featured on 16 different news stations that are affiliated with Fox.

Chana wrote on Sugar Wood’s Facebook page, “They said Grandma Ricci’s name...on TV! She would be so excited. God, I’d give anything to have her experience this whole ride with me. Fox 4 did a 30-second teaser about our brand this morning, and my website is exploding. Orders are coming in about every four minutes. From Texas, East Coast and all over.”

To read more of Sugar Wood’s heartwarming story, or to check out their online store, visit

Featured along with Sugar Wood in the holiday gift guide were: The Stone Aesthetic, custom stoned sneakers; Culture Greeting, cards featuring people of color; &Collar, stain repellant dress shirts; and POP Bag, snap-together style bags.

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