Sherry and Tony Malsom are the new owners of Gilligans in Chetek. The business reopens on Friday, April 23. 

On Friday, April 23, Gilligans will open with Tony and Sherry Malsom as the owners of the bar, restaurant and bait shop.

“We’ve always liked to go. [Sherry] wanted to do something different and start something new,” Tony Malsom said of why they purchased the bar, restaurant and bait shop.

The Malsoms have lived in the area for nearly 10 years and have two children in the local schools. Their 7- and 9-year-olds play hockey.

After the sale on Thursday, April 15, from former owners, Bob and Julie Stangle, the Malsoms closed Gilligans for a week to make some changes to the interior and exterior. Inside, the walls were getting new colors of paint to make it their own and give it more of that “Gilligans feel,” Tony said.

New equipment was installed in the kitchen and there will be some changes to the menu as well. The staff will remain the same.

The bait shop, known as Skipper’s Bait & Liquor Store will now be called Gilligans Bait & Liquor Store. Malsom plans to add a wider selection of clothing. The bait shop is currently open.

“Yeah, its been a long process. Anxious, but Sherry is excited,” Malsom said.

The Malsoms plan to have a grand opening event later this year.

Asked what her and Bob’s plans are after selling their business of 13 years, Julie Stangle replied, “Relaxing!”

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