Keepers of Your Cabin

Debbie Driggs and Mano Molina started “Keepers of your Cabin,” and will do those chores that you don’t want to at reasonable rates so you can kiss “cabin fatigue” goodbye.

Remember when you first saw your dream “cabin Up North?” It was peaceful, quiet, serene, the perfect getaway, a place to shed all of your city cares and worries. You were smitten. You were in love.

The years have rolled by. You visit the cabin less and less. The drive up seems longer, more boring. You worry about the cabin while you are gone and dread the upcoming chores.

Be honest—are you looking forward to cleaning the gutters and raking the leaves this month? How about shoveling the snow off the roof in February or washing the windows, inside and out, and power washing the outside of the cabin in April?

The thrill is officially gone. But you can get it back. And the “Keepers of Your Cabin” can make it happen.

Meet Debbie Driggs and Mano Molina. They are transplants from California who left the crime and noise out West to come to Chetek. They fell in love with Chetek when they would visit Molina’s brother’s cabin here. Then they fell in love with each other.

They have started a business in Chetek to do those chores you don’t want to for a modest fee. They offer, says Molina, “services to fit your budget at reasonable rates.” Keepers provides quality and reliable services. They will clean your gutters, wash your windows inside and out, shovel your roof, mow your lawn, pressure wash the exterior of your cabin in the spring, remove downed trees, help you launch your boat in the spring and get it out in the fall and much, much more.

Perhaps you worry when you’re not at your cabin for an extended period. Did an ice-storm take out the power lines? Did a limb or tree fall on the roof? Did trespassers—probably animals but maybe humans—break in? Keepers of Your Cabin can do regular checks, and walk arounds on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis or property damage checks as needed.

They’ll give you a full report.

 If you don’t get to your cabin as much as you would like, Chetek-native and local real estate agent Tom Nelson has an explanation. “This is best described as ‘cabin fatigue’” said Nelson. “More younger people are buying cabins as a second residence, but they don’t have as much free time as a typical retiree from years past. They would prefer to pay a modest fee to have these chores done by others.” In short, in the spring they would prefer to come to a clean cabin, a mowed and raked lawn and a house that is undamaged.

“They would much rather get on with enjoying the many attractions Chetek has to offer” said Nelson, “that’s why they bought the cabin in the first place.”

Keepers of Your Cabin can be reached at 715-642-4642; ask for Debbie Driggs. They are locally insured and bonded. Call for a quote. You can also follow them on Facebook.

Rediscover the joys of owning a summer getaway. Enjoy a second honeymoon with your cabin with Keepers of the Cabin’s help.

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