Every week there seems to be letters about politics. From the left and the right, they don’t quit coming. Almost every letter about politics seems to be defending the right or defending the left. If you believe in what you stand for you should not have to keep trying to convince others. There are two things that you will rarely ever change in people: their religious belief and their political belief.

As individuals and as a country, we all need to see and understand what the other person stands for. They have a reason for believing in what they believe in and so do you as well as myself. We may not believe what others believe but we still must respect their beliefs as they should respect ours. If the time comes, and I think we are getting close to that time, that we have no respect for what others believe in, well, then it is my belief all hell will break out.

We all need to take off our blinders and look around, look beyond abortion rights, look beyond gun rights and see the big picture. There may be others in this world that have something to contribute that you may not agree with but will benefit all of us. Remember, we need to leave this world a better place for our children than it was when we came into it and the social environment is part of that. At this point in time I personally do not think we are on the right path. Only you and I can change that path but it will take understanding and change from everyone.

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