A recent letter to the editor stated that current Democrat presidential candidates are not socialist because they are not advocating the confiscation of private property. However, those candidates do propose government control of schools, health care and banks.

Most of the Democrat candidates advocate a significant increase in taxes. Income earned is private property. Taking tax dollars prevents people from purchasing other property that would improve their quality of life.

Many Democrat-controlled states have begun implementing red flag laws. These laws allow a citizen to accuse a neighbor of “dangerous” behavior because he owns a gun. The state officials temporarily confiscate the guns owned by the accused. That is confiscation of private property.

The accused now is guilty until proven innocent. The Second and Fourth Amendments have been taken from that citizen. While amendments are not tangible, they are among the most precious possessions a citizen enjoys.

One only needs to look at the states and cities that are failing in the United States to see that the vast majority have failed because of decades of Democrat rule.

Looking at the failed Russian hoax, the failed/incompetently done impeachment and the failed Iowa caucus, one can see that the integrity of our political system is at risk. Though intangible, an honest, successful government is a precious possession. Many suffering from socialistic governments are migrating to the United States.

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