Several weeks ago, two letters praised the Chetek-Weyerhaeuser Area School District for keeping schools open. While that might have been noteworthy last fall, when COVID-19 cases peaked for Barron County, it is no longer something that sets a school apart. Being open and offering extracurricular activities is simply expected.

Leading school districts now recognize that local, national and international evidence credibly disputes masking of healthy people to prevent virus spread. After seeing this evidence and being set free from the perceived obligation to follow a statewide mask mandate that was struck down, these districts quickly moved to make masks optional in April.

I am particularly proud of the Barron School District for being one of these leaders. As the mother of someone who works in the district, I am relieved that the students are no longer forced to suffer from the dirty practice of universal masking. Results from the Barron COVID-19 reports in April show that the Barron community fared as well as or better than communities where schools kept their mask mandates.

We must start doing what is best for our children. With all we now know about COVID-19, we must follow the evidence, not blindly adhere to draconian edicts issued and enforced by unelected officials.

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