Joe Biden said, “We (Democrats) choose ‘truth’ over facts.” This ‘truth’ is questionable when Democrats accuse President Donald Trump of being a racist while ignoring his presidential accomplishments for minorities. Their propaganda should be replaced with the following facts:

Unemployment among blacks is the lowest it has been in many decades.

Unemployment for Hispanics is lower than it was before the recession.

Income/hourly wages for U.S. workers show the largest nominal wage increase in a decade according to the U.S. Labor Department as reported in an October 2018 issue of the Washington Post.

Federal funds of at least $200 million a year have been provided for technology education grants for women and minorities.

Minority owned small businesses have increased by 45 percent since 2015, according to the small business financier Guidant Financial. A recent study shows that the largest minority group of business owners were African American at 19 percent, Hispanic at 14 percent, Asian at 8 percent, and Native American at 4 percent.

Women are owning more small businesses, too. According to David Nilssen, the chief executive officer of Guidant, “Growth amongst all minorities including women is promising in America as small business ownership becomes more favorable and easier to attain.” Nilssen credits Trump policies for this shift.

Educational options are increasing for blacks under President Trump. According to the Chicago Tribune/Heritage Foundation 2017 report: “Trump is advancing the idea of school choice so that every child can attend a quality school, public or private. In cities such as Washington, D.C., and Milwaukee, the children who benefit from voucher and scholarship programs are predominantly black. Trump wants to increase by tenfold the number of black children who benefit from these vouchers and scholarships.”

Apprenticeship programs offer better job training and higher paying jobs to those who do not have the funds or the desire to attend a college program. These programs prepare minority youth for better paying jobs.

No president has done more for women and minorities than President Trump has done!

Trump has accomplished all of this even though he has been under constant attack from the left who intentionally use falsehoods to destroy Trump’s reputation.

During the last State of the Union speech, Democrats did not applaud when President Trump spoke about how much the job market, the income opportunities, and the small business opportunities have improved for minorities. Apparently, the left is determined to destroy Trump before the public can realize his effectiveness.

Democrats who denigrate Trump’s accomplishments look pathetic.

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