As I read the Chetek Alert, I found the following:

Jennie-O offering $15 per hour (from previous ad). Here is the home run: free tuition to a two-year college for your children on top of 401K matching, health insurance and life insurance. I would find it hard to ask more of an employer.

How about the free GED boot camp at Parker Hannifin, coupled with WITC? All this, including testing and teaching, is free. When you graduate, you get a free voucher for $250 towards your next class at WITC. You can live and grow in your home community in ways that were not possible 15 years ago. I urge all who can use the above to go for it.

Having retired in the Chetek community and witnessed its trials and tribulations, I found the actions of the above employers exemplary. If the rest of our country is trying to do these things, it does not seem we can expect much more.

P.S. By the way the Chetek Alert is doing a great job too.

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