Twice in 10 days in late July, heavy storms caused extensive damage across Wisconsin. Thousands of trees were downed, crops and buildings were damaged, and nearly half a million residents were without power. How did the victims’ friends and neighbors react? They helped out. They worked together. Neighbors helping neighbors is nonpartisan.

We hear the words of gratitude, the vows to rebuild and the pride in community time and time again, and it’s true! We are Barron strong, Chetek strong, Cumberland strong, Turtle Lake strong … unfortunately the list goes on and on. Communities are strong together. In a crisis, there is no talk of things that are dividing us as Americans.

But what if we worked together in that same spirit before these crises happened, to prevent these extreme weather events from becoming the norm, or worsening? We can also be good neighbors by advocating for a real solution to the global climate crisis.

Today, most of us agree with the vast majority of climate scientists that climate change is contributing to the frequency and severity of these extreme weather events. There are currently five bills in Congress advocating for some type of carbon pricing to harness the power of the free market to drive a climate solution. One of these bills, HR 763, also known as the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act, has nearly 60 cosponsors and bipartisan support. I live in the 7th Congressional District and my representative, Sean Duffy, knows about this bill. Now he needs to know if you support a climate change solution. It’s easy to call (202-225-3365) or email (, and it’s just one more way that you can be a good neighbor.

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