According to 2020 Trafficking in Persons Report, UN, nearly one-third of trafficking victims are children. The abuse includes forced labor, sexual exploitation, and sex trafficking.

According to TV interviews of legislators visiting the border and several news articles including the Gateway Pundit, “Since Biden took office and opened the border to migrant children, at least three have drowned in the Rio Grande and numerous other children have been brutally raped or sexually assaulted.”

According to a video interview of Border Patrol official Oscar Escamilla, he saw a small child on her way to the hospital because she had been gang raped. She could not speak because she had lost her voice in the process of getting raped. This is an example of what is happening to children who are making a trip to enter our country illegally.

Also, President Joe Biden has reversed his stand on the Hyde Amendment which prohibited federal funding for most abortions. Not all, but most! Abortions were a bipartisan issue when it was promised that abortions would be done in the event of rape, incest or to save the life of the mother.

According to a Feb. 18, 2021, Washington Post article, “Biden supports an almost unlimited right to abortion and federal funding for it.”

And, according to a June 20, 2020, article in Psychology Today, most mental health issues begin in childhood. If not identified and treated early, long-term health and social issues result. School closures increase exposure to violence, exploitation, maltreatment and ineffective teaching. All of these issues impact the health of a child according to UNESCO. Empirical studies suggest that keeping children less active negatively impacts a child’s mental and physical health.

On March 19, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s recommendations for opening schools include three feet distancing, improved ventilation, removal of recommended physical barriers and guidance on interventions when clusters occur. When private schools are able to meet these requirements, Biden should not be allowing public schools to treat students differently.

The world is watching as we condemn others for human-rights abuses.

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